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Nordeast for Mini Hipsters

Can I call it Nordeast if I’m not a craft-beer-brewing, farm-to-table eating, counter-culture loving hipster? What if I’m a mini-van driving, mom-jean wearing suburbanite? Either way I’m definitely not cool enough to hang out in Nordeast on my own. This neighborhood is home to art studios, craft breweries, exotic foods…a hundred and one reasons to […]

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Fostering Healthy Habits in Young Children – Primrose School {Sponsored Post}

{Twin Cities Moms Blog is happy to partner with Primrose, “an accredited private preschool that provides a premier educational child care experience.” Read below as Maple Grove and Champlin Park franchise owner, Joe Piket, encourages parents to foster healthy habits in our young children. To learn more about Primrose Schools, see the links below.} Every parent knows […]

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Best of the Twin Cities: Indoor Play Area

  Check out our newest resource page – The Best Indoor Play Areas in the Twin Cities! Our winters are long and the coveted days of spring, summer and fall are still sprinkled with rainy days.  In order to survive the ups and downs of our weather with the kids, we’ve compiled a list of the best indoor […]

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When Dad’s In Charge

The other morning I came downstairs to find my twin toddlers sitting on top of the table using pieces of bacon as spoons to slurp left over cereal milk into their mouths. Of course spilling all over themselves in the process. Their hair was a mess and their diapers were so wet they were practically sagging to the […]

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Can Your Child Dial 911 Using a Smart Phone? {FREE PRINTABLE & APPS!}

Can my children dial 911 if I needed them to? I realized the answer was no and I had no back-up plan. I was pregnant with my third child and I stayed at home with my then 4 and 2 year old. My husband worked outside the home and traveled consistently and we had no […]

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