Plan Your Week | March 2 – March 8

Monday Madison Swim Academy – 9am-11am Otter Babies Open Swim & Play Madison Swim Academy – 3:30pm-7:30pm Family Open Swim Madison School and Community Recreation – 9:30am-12pm Parent/Child Playtime Fitchburg Public Library – 9::30am-10am & 11am-11:30am Preschool Storytime Verona Area School District – 9:30am-11am Kidz Place Sugar Creek Elementary School – 9:30am-11:30am Play and Learn […]

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Working From Home With Two Lovely Kiddos

This past year has been a crazy one in my household!  Yes, things are always crazy around here with two young children (which I love!), but over the last six months, my family and I have been handling a new transition, as well…. me working from home!  After months of indecision, I finally made the […]

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One of many family walks in the Moby.

Mama Must-Haves: 0-3 Months

As an expectant first-time mom, I researched everything. From diapers to daycare, I sought articles and advice from friends, books and the internet. We were ready to meet our little girl, but looking back I can tell you that there was no way to be entirely prepared for what the weeks and months brought us. […]

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Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.05.29 PM

Premier Laser Spa

*Disclaimer: The content of this post is sponsored, but we only work with businesses we know to be reputable.  Let’s be honest:  no one enjoys shaving, or waxing, or the time and money that we have to spend on it every single month of every single year!  Premier Laser Spa and their laser hair removal […]

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Five Ways to Teach Healthy Eating Outside the Kitchen

Teaching our children about healthy food and how it nourishes them is important to their development. Obviously having our children help us in the kitchen is a wonderful way and will connect them to the food they put in their mouthes in a meaningful way (check out my cooking with kids 101 for tips on this). There […]

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I could not Breastfeed, and that’s Okay

When I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my first son, I had grand visions of rocking him in his nursery while breastfeeding.  I, being the planner that I am, bought bottles and formula just to be prepared, but never really thought I would use them.  Then my son was born.  Breastfeeding was hard, and it […]

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Lessons From My Father

Everyone has a story, and that story defines who you are, who you become and can change your perception on life. At the age of 12 my family’s world was rocked.  The person who was the strong leader of our house had a diagnosis… Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I was too young to understand when first […]

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Chicken and Wild Rice

Balanced meals for busy families

For me, being a mom is all about balance. In that, I don’t have any. I’m kidding. I’m totally on top of everything, all the time, of course. The fact is that sometimes you have to make choices: missing bedtime to make it to the gym, skipping a social event instead of getting a babysitter, […]

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Plan Your Week | Feb. 23 – March 1

Monday Madison Swim Academy – 9am – 11am Otter Babies Open Swim & Play Madison Public Library, Hawthorne Branch – 9:30am – 10:15am and 10:30am – 11:15am Toddler Time KEVA Sports Center – 9:30am – 1pm Open Play Madison School and Community Recreation – 9:30am – 11am Parent/Child Playtime Sun Prairie Library – 9:30am and […]

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Five minute Freebies

Relishing the “Five Minute Freebie”

This is my first post with the Madison Mom Blog and I’m honored to write here! By way of introduction, I wanted to share what seems most relevant to my life these days – my “Five Minute Freebies.” Prior to motherhood I came to expect small moments as the norm, not a luxury. Something like reading […]

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