I think these kids need a helmet!

24 Hours

When my kids began attending school I realized that I was unsure as to how I should react when one of them would come home from school or soccer practice and tell me their account of a conflict or situation they had that day. As a parent I felt the need to be my child’s advocate […]

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Moms 4 Moms #MadisonGetsReal

Madison Moms Blog is written by moms, for moms. We are sharing our unique parenting perspectives based on experiences we have gained in this journey of mama-hood. We strive to stay encouraging and steer clear of controversy. While you may not agree with everything that we have to say, we ask that if you choose […]

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Plan Your Week | Jan 26 – Feb 1

Monday Madison Swim Academy – 9am Otter Babies Open Swim & Play Tuesday Madtown Twisters (West)- 9am Tots & Family Open Play Middleton Public Library – 9:15am (& 10am) Toddler Story Time Sun Prairie Library – 10:30am Story Time Wednesday Middleton Public Library – 9:30am (& 10:30am) Mixed Age Story Time Pump It Up – 10am Wee […]

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Waiting room glamour.

Moms get sick, too

Here it is – the time of year when running noses and endless coughs become part of our daily routine. It’s no surprise that with all the nose wiping, food sharing and kisses we moms eventually come down with some bugs ourselves. This winter has brought particularly nasty cases of the flu, upper respiratory viruses […]

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Exercise and Parenting :: Making Time

Just about every day, I am asked questions about how is it possible to find time to exercise with “all those kids” – “How do you fit exercise into your schedule?” “How do you get back into shape after pregnancy?” “Oh, you work at a health club, so it’s easy for you, right?” Or, my favorite, […]

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Postpartum-Friendly Fashion

  When I was pregnant with my first child, I must admit I gave little to no thought about my postpartum body and wardrobe. Sure it would take a little time but I should go straight back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothing pronto. That. Did. Not. Happen. In fact, the outfit I packed to wear home from […]

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{HELP} My Toddler has an Obsession

My daughter has an unhealthy obsession with squeeze pouches! If it was up to her that would be all she would eat all day long. Yes- they can be healthy depending on the brand and I enjoy the convenience factor, however, they can be costly- especially if your child is like mine and constantly requests […]

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Upcoming Weekend Events {January 23, 24, 25 }

Friday Winter Wonderland Party Friday: 3:00-5:00 p.m. Location: Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin St., Madison Description: Drop in for crafts and more as we celebrate winter. Enjoy hot cider and tell your favorite winter stories around our ‘campfire’. All ages. http://www.madisonpubliclibrary.org/central Tunes with Tyler Friday: 10 am Location: Madison Children’s Museum, 100 N. Hamilton St. Description: Learn […]

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St. Maria Goretti :: Open House

Disclosure :: Madison Moms Blog received compensation in exchange for this promotion, however we would not work with a business we didn’t believe to be reputable and/or beneficial to our readers.  St. Maria Goretti (SMG) is a pre-K – grade 8 Catholic School located on the near west side of Madison, educating more than 460 students. SMG […]

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Love Letters to my Son

Everyone always says to write down things your kids say or do, because you WILL forget. About a year ago, right in the middle of my second pregnancy (when my hormones were definitely flaring up!), I decided to start a journal to my 2 year old son. I keep it simple. I have a journal, […]

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mom club

The Mom Club

When you become pregnant, you enter the mom club. It’s a pretty great club and I am thrilled to be a member! However, there are a few things you should know. 1. When you become a member of the mom club, all the ‘normal’ things in your life go out the window. Including your idea […]

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Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.01.55 PM

How One Plus One Becomes Seven

My journey to motherhood began the moment I understood that little girls could be Mommies, too…even if it was to a bald, raggedy Cabbage Patch doll. My instinctual drive to mother was sharpened throughout childhood, and I “blessed” my younger brother with the opportunity to have two moms. Life moved along and I married the […]

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