alternaVites Help Keep My Family Healthy

In a time where vitamins for our kids are so important, how do you get picky eaters to eat them? Moms have the best intentions to provide foods and snacks rich with all the nutrients needed for growing boys and girls. Despite our best intentions, the occasional pizza and soda still makes its way into […]

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Young woman breast feeding a baby

Breastfeeding with a C-section

Hi mamas and soon to be mamas in celebration of Breastfeeding Week, I just wanted to share my breastfeeding, with a C-section, experience with you. Unfortunately during my 3 pregnancies I had to have C-sections, my 1st pregnancy was due to an emergency and my other 2 pregnancies were planned C-sections per my doctor’s recommendation […]

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No naughty chairs allowed!

Discipline (Part I): What Works? What Doesn’t?

Although some people still adhere to the adage, “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” there is growing awareness that disciplining kids doesn’t have to be punitive. In fact, disciplining kids should not be harsh, whether that is by physical means or overly stringent loss of privileges. (“You’re grounded for a month!”) Some popular discipline […]

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TMobile Wideband LTE in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Welcomes Wideband LTE: Thanks, TMobile!

What’s the Scoop: T-Mobile launched Wideband LTE in Las Vegas (which of course includes Summerlin and Henderson). Vegas is one of only two markets in the Southwest to have Wideband LTE! (Los Angeles being the other market) What’s Wideband LTE???: o   T-Mobile defines Wideband LTE as LTE with at least 15+15 MHz of spectrum, which has a big impact on […]

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Meet: JenYooWen = GENUINE

If you find me on Social Media: My username is always JenYooWen. For two reasons: 1-      It has my real name “Jen” in it and If you say it fast, it’s “Genuine. I pride myself on exuding every meaning of the word. Authentic, sincere and truly what something is said to be. 2-      It looks […]

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