Mt. Charleston: A Quick Escape From The Desert

On my quest to give my daughter a great summer I decided to do something a little different and take her and her friends to the mountains.  Mount Charleston is only about 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and it is beautiful! It is a complete change from the desert, there is hiking and […]

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Discipline (Part I): What Works? What Doesn’t?

Although some people still adhere to the adage, “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” there is growing awareness that disciplining kids doesn’t have to be punitive. In fact, disciplining kids should not be harsh, whether that is by physical means or overly stringent loss of privileges. (“You’re grounded for a month!”) Some popular discipline […]

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Las Vegas Welcomes Wideband LTE: Thanks, TMobile!

What’s the Scoop: T-Mobile launched Wideband LTE in Las Vegas (which of course includes Summerlin and Henderson). Vegas is one of only two markets in the Southwest to have Wideband LTE! (Los Angeles being the other market) What’s Wideband LTE???: o   T-Mobile defines Wideband LTE as LTE with at least 15+15 MHz of spectrum, which has a big impact on […]

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Lebron Who? Three People in Your Life Who Might Want to Know About “King James”

  Lebron James is a basketball player who was formerly with the  Miami Heat team – now once again Cleveland Cavalier. He is also a four-time MVP of the NBA. James made a formal statement on July 11 to return to his Home state of Ohio in a very controversial free-agency decision. He has been […]

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Meet: JenYooWen = GENUINE

If you find me on Social Media: My username is always JenYooWen. For two reasons: 1-      It has my real name “Jen” in it and If you say it fast, it’s “Genuine. I pride myself on exuding every meaning of the word. Authentic, sincere and truly what something is said to be. 2-      It looks […]

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey – On to the Houses…

I had the opportunity to spend the day with Scott and Aime Yancey of A & E’s Flipping Vegas…Come read the first and second installments in this series… At the first house, I love that Aime chose to tile the entire front of the house. Where there used to be a garage, there is now a great […]

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey – Why This Works

Would you want to work with your spouse? Would you want cameras there? Flipping Vegas shows how Scott and Aime Yancey make this work…This symbiotic relationship exists and thrives only with the other! Aime has proven time and time again how her contribution to the finished product has been the final extra beautiful seal of the deal […]

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Flipping Vegas With Scott and Aime Yancey

Hanging out with Aime & Scott Yancey from A & E’s Flipping Vegas is just the way you would expect it to be: fast-paced, playfully competitive and incredibly productive in the shortest amount of time. If you aren’t already a huge fan of the show, you’ll be hooked after watching one episode. They have an […]

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Mediterranean Slider Recipe

Happy 4th of July Mamas! Hope you are all having a wonderful, safe & of course relaxing holiday! Check out my easy delicious twist on sliders. I like to add the “Queen of Spice”, Tumeric cause of the many health benefits from of it. Tumeric is known for preventing cancer, aiding arthritis, maintaining weight, improving […]

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Strawberry, Blueberry, & Banana Smoothie Recipe

Hey Mamas hope you and your fambam are keeping cool this summer especially with this extreme summer heat. My family and I like to keep cool with delicious smoothies from green to fruity to get our daily dose of natural vitamins and hydration besides our water. Here’s a simple delicious 4th of July smoothie for […]

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