Modest is Hottest

I thought it would be easy.

That’s right. I said it.

I, naively, thought that we would make our appointment for our twenty week ultrasound and walk out with an envelope which would eventually reveal the sex of our baby.

I had already prepped gender reveal party favors, made the snacks, and told everyone where to be and when.

Allison Brown Dec1

Again, I thought it would be easy. But then, we left the sonogram appointment with an empty envelope.

The baby was hiding behind the umbilical cord.

Yes, our baby is modest.

Modest IS hottest, right?

Not now, baby – not now.

I was convinced, in my hormonal state, that this meant I would NEVER know the sex of our baby. My “type A” self couldn’t handle this idea. The next hour looked like this:

I cried. A lot.

I pouted. A lot.

I made my husband call our families to call off the gender reveal.

I was very dramatic.

I made us go get my favorite comfort food, an appetizer of cheese dip and waffle fries called “The Steve” and then proceeded to throw my hands up, cry again, and whine, “even our food has a distinct gender!”

I, in general, handled it VERY poorly.

I knew it then. I know it now.

For obvious reasons, there are no pictures of these moments.

These were not my shining moments.

We went home and my husband booked an appointment at a private ultrasound company. We used a coupon – which made it even more awesome.

This time, I prepared the baby. “Baby, we are going to go take pictures of you. I need you to move so we can see you. Just this once, you can skip the modesty. Also, we are going to need that umbilical cord to move out of the way.”

The appointment was wonderful! We got to watch the baby suck his/her thumb, yawn, and do a few other super-cute things INCLUDING playing with the umbilical cord. That’s right, our baby followed directions and moved it out of the way- right in front of our eyes. We blocked our eyes from the screen as the ultrasound technician took pictures that would eventually tell us if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl.

Allison Brown Dec2

It. Was. Happening.

We left the appointment with a batch of pictures and a sealed envelope that would tell us if we were going to be buying bows or bow ties.

Allison Brown Dec3

Since she couldn’t be at the gender reveal and we needed someone to pack the gender-specific items, my sister opened the envelope before us. The box contained pink and blue silly string along with pink and blue Color Run powder paint. (Yes, two years ago I requested a pink powder paint packet and saved it; last year, I asked for blue paint. Clearly, I’ve had this plan for a while now.) She packed the correct paint powder in black baggies that we could reach into and throw on each other when the time came (while everyone else sprayed blue or pink silly string, as well).

Allison Brown Dec4

What did we want?

Since high school, we had always said we wanted a girl. Yes, even my husband wanted a girl.

His reasoning was, “come on, look how cute they are!” You can see it ALL over his face when he is with his nieces.

But something had changed over the past few months. We both found ourselves hoping for a boy. The closer we got to our twenty week appointment, the more we were torn about what we wanted. I NEVER thought that I would feel that way. Ever.

What did we think it would be?

My husband thought our baby was a girl.

I had no idea – but when people asked, I would say “boy.” I didn’t have any hunch, feeling, or motherly intuition. In fact, I think that puts too much pressure on moms. Am I lacking some sort of gene if I don’t have this feeling? Have I had my first “mom-fail” because I can’t see through my own skin?


I answered “boy” based 100% on when we conceived … it’s a theory I have. I even said that night, “well, it looks like we’re having a boy!”

What did the wives-tales say?

All those silly tests were split – right down the middle.

Baking soda test: boy.

Necklace test: girl.

Cravings: boy.

Heart rate: girl.

So – what did the paint tell us? Just watch the moment we found out

That’s right – a baby boy. His name is Eli.

Allison Brown Dec5

We are all pretty excited about Eli.

In fact, I was excited enough that I decided to greet Eli’s great-grandparents at Thanksgiving dinner wearing this:

Allison Brown Dec6

His grandmas were so excited that by the end of that weekend, they had bought him so many new outfits that I realized I was already going to have to clean out his nursery closet to make space.

Allison Brown Dec7

Eli is so excited that he jumps and kicks randomly throughout the day and puts on a really good show at bedtime so his dad feels the fun. He even has hiccups from time to time. So. Cute.

Max, our dog, is so excited that … okay, Max isn’t really very excitable at all. That’s okay, though, because our excitement more than makes up for his grumpiness that his favorite lap is slowly disappearing. Although lately, “slowly” might not be the right term … ;-)

Allison Brown Dec8


Allison Brown bio picAbout the author: I’m Alli Brown, a twenty-seven year old high school family and consumer sciences teacher. I’m married to the man I was lucky enough to fall for before we could even drive. After graduating from Kansas State, we got married and moved to Kansas City. Five years later, we are now expecting our first child. That’s right – this parenting teacher is finally going to be a parent! You can follow along with more of our journey on my personal blog.

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One Response to Modest is Hottest

  1. Megan H December 14, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    Oh, my goodness, how exciting! Our first was a boy and his name is Eli. Today he turns five…and now I’m crying. Congratulations – boys are so much fun.

    Don’t let yourself feel pressured by others’ expectations of you. With Eli, I knew immediately that we were having a boy. We didn’t really even look at girls’ names very seriously (totally stupid, totally hormonal). With my daughter though, I really had no idea. Not only is each mom different, each baby is different – you concentrate on enjoying this time and let everyone else deal with their own expectations. Congratulations again!

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