Losing It

Pregnancy physically changes a mother’s body: changes that are beautiful, but in my experience, hard to embrace when you already struggle with your frame. I once received a comment from a young woman before she entered motherhood, afraid of what pregnancy would do to her 5’4″, 120 pound body: “you’ve always been big, so getting bigger during pregnancy obviously […]

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Talking to kids when tragedy hits close to home

We’ve gotten numb to reading the details of another shooting splashed across the news. Usually, it happens in someone else’s community where the victims’ names are unfamiliar. Yesterday, it didn’t happen somewhere else. It happened here. Reat Underwood, a freshman at Blue Valley High School and an Eagle Scout, was shot and killed along with […]

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Birth photography: capturing your special moments

Many people who hear the words “birth” and “photography” together shudder as they picture scrunched-up-in-pain faces, less than flattering hospital gowns, smeared (or zero) makeup, not to mention the “aftermath.” Who would want to see that again? A lot of people, actually – and it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend. During the birthing process, there […]

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1 Samuel 1:27

On January 26, 2011, I found myself sitting at my desk for over an hour, trying not to stare at the phone. What is it they say? “A watched pot never boils?” I had told them to call me between 11:00 and 12:30 since that was my off-hour. I told them they HAD to call […]

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Finding mom friends in Kansas City

Moving to Kansas City from Chicago in 2008 was an exciting new chapter for me. I had a new house, a new job, a great future with the man who would become my husband, and … no friends. Everyone I came in contact with at that time was a native Kansas Citian with a core group of close […]

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Searching for more than a doctor

I used to joke that I wished I could have my pap smear more than once a year because I missed my midwife. After going through a pregnancy, a dramatic delivery experience and then a miscarriage, I’m pretty sure I was set on having 10 kids just so we could have our bi-weekly chats for […]

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Really? You want to do WHAT?

From the time my high-spirited daughter was one year old, she was very clear in letting me know what she was passionate about – even from the back seat of our family van. She always had an eye peeled as we traveled and she knew what she was looking for; if she found one, our […]

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Beyond the Hunt: tips for making Easter fun for your kids

We love a good Easter egg hunt in our family. Who doesn’t enjoy the great variety of Tootsie Rolls, Peeps, chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs and bunnies, Easter Sweet-Tarts, and more? That said, it’s very important to me that my children understand the reason we celebrate Easter, beyond the candy-filled eggs left behind by the bunny. So, in […]

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The Family That Wiis Together

I fought it. I fought it hard. I was convinced that, if I gave into it, my  little boy would be lost forever. He who still thought that dancing with me to 80’s pop music was a valid form of entertainment and exercise. A little boy who was still attached to his faded baby blanket and slept […]

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Nearly all of us have a cell phone these days; more than likely, it’s within a grab’s reach, even at the present moment. While we, as mothers, need to make conscious efforts to separate ourselves from this distraction on a regular basis, there are also tremendous opportunities within this little device – my favorite being […]

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Good picks on Netflix

Let’s just be honest here for a minute. Our kids watch TV. I’m okay to admit it; in fact, I can honestly say I went through a few days of grief when Diego was removed from the Netflix library … my heart stopped for a moment when I typed “Diego” into the search box only […]

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KC Activities that Bond Parents and Children

Kids that grow up feeling connected to a secure and loving caregiver have the relationship tools to be in healthy romantic relationships, have successful interpersonal skills with friends and coworkers, and even have stronger immune systems to fight disease and stress as adults! The Kansas City metro area is a fabulous place to raise a […]

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Mind Your Marriage

“We’re going to a marriage seminar.” That was my reason for not participating in a sprint triathlon this past February. While the indoor sprint triathlon was something I would have liked to do, the marriage seminar (organized through our local Down syndrome guild) is an event that my husband and I covet every year; we […]

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Announcing: the KCMB Mother of the Year Award

There are no raises or promotions when it comes to the job of motherhood. No parking space next to the door or employee appreciation lunch. But as fellow mothers, battling in the trenches day in and day out, we know how hard you work – and we want to recognize you for doing the most […]

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CELEBRATE with Disney on Ice

Wednesday morning started just like any other morning, that is UNTIL my husband and I told our almost-4 year old son that we had a BIG surprise for him that night. We then proceeded to tell him that we were taking him to see Disney on Ice that night! His reaction was similar to how […]

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