Flipping Out

My daughter and I are both early risers. Not to be confused with being a “morning person,” however, I need my space and coffee in the morning. My daughter understands this and lovingly gives me approximately 17 minutes before she begins pestering me with requests for food, drink, and entertainment. I’ve learned to satisfy all […]

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Meatless Meals

Meatless Meals

It’s that time of year when fish sticks are starting to be everywhere at the grocery store – the start of Lent, when lots of Christians give up meat on Fridays. Even if observing Lent is not part of your family’s traditions, there are lots of great health reasons to make at least one meatless […]

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Life with MS Emily

Mothering with Multiple Sclerosis

Hi, my name is Emily Britt.  I am a 32-year-old wife and mother of three adorable girls.  My husband and I have been married for 10 years.  We have Zoe, 9, Bailey, 5, and Jovie, 10 months; they are full of energy, kisses and make each day…interesting. When my husband and I would discuss having children […]

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Dance Mom

Dance Mom

For fourteen years now, I’ve been “Mom.” Rachel’s mom, Sammi’s mom, Piper’s mom, soccer mom, cookie mom…you know the drill. And since 2011, I’ve had the privilege; well, I’ve PAID for the privilege, of calling myself “dance mom.” You may have seen the Lifetime television program Dance Moms, in which an overbearing woman screams at […]

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this is it 1

This is it.

This is it. Just a few short (endless) days or weeks left of my last pregnancy. These are the last baby kicks that I’ll feel from the inside, the last time I’ll wake my husband from slumber with the words, “It’s time! The baby is coming!” Soon I’ll tell my last birth story, that profound-beyond-words […]

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See A Show Worth Talking About at the Old Creamery Theatre! {Sponsored Post}

Have you ever been to or heard of the Old Creamery Theatre? We hope you have! If your answer is no or yes, then read on!   Each year, the Old Creamery Theatre puts on four shows for children as part of our Theatre for Young Audiences season. In 2015, our shows are The Secret […]

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