Confessions of a TV Family

Our family loves to watch TV. I realize this isn’t an earth-shattering confession, but you have to keep in mind we live in one of the most well–read, highly educated cities in the country. Sometimes admitting you’re a TV junkie in the City of Literature can raise an eyebrow or two. Even though we are […]

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Weekend Wednesday: July 25-27

Looking for something to do with your family this weekend?  We’ve got you covered! Here are our top 5 picks of activities in the Corridor this weekend! Friday, July 25th Family Free Friday at the Coral Ridge Mall from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  Includes free admission to the ice arena (2 kids free with paid adult), free figure skating […]

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The Case for Open-Ended Toys

After twelve glorious years living in Iowa City, I’m moving. My family and I are moving further north in Iowa’s Creative Corridor, far enough to make my husband’s Cedar Rapids commute shorter but not so far that we still can’t think of ourselves as Iowa City folks. Because we are Iowa City folks, and always […]

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The Grass Is Green.

The alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button (maybe twice).  I feel the fan blow across my face, blow across the room, and then blow across my face again.  I hear the humming of the window Air Conditioners (Yes, plural. We have three!).  I snuggle under my comforter and close my eyes again.  BAM.  The door […]

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Get your Style Fix with Stitch Fix

Not to sound weird, but what are you wearing right now? Is it a pair of black yoga pants? A t-shirt with your high school mascot? Or is it the house sweater that hasn’t been washed since 2000? Yeah, about a year and half ago I was right there with you. Unable to fit into […]

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Five-minute Energy Bars

I tend to be a person who thinks “I can make that!” or “I can cook this!” when out to eat, shopping, or simply watching TV. Sadly, I feel like I rarely follow through with these thoughts. It is much more convenient to purchase bread than to make your own, and it certainly takes less […]

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Hey Mean Girls: We’re Not In High School Anymore!

We all remember the “good-ole” high school days.  Filled with football games, chemistry tests, and mean girls.  Chances are you were probably on the receiving end of the backbiting, snickering, and teasing.  Chances are you probably dished some out yourself.  Unfortunately it’s something we all deal with as part of growing up. Then you graduate, […]

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Weekend Wednesday: July 18-20

Looking for something fun to do with your family this weekend? We’ve got you covered with our Top 5 Picks of this weekend’s activities in the Corridor! Friday, July 18th Sidewalk Sales, Downtown Iowa City July 17-19.  Head downtown to check out all the great deals area businesses have to offer! Snoopy! The Musical, 7:30 […]

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A Craft Project for the Non-Crafter

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be an awesomely creative and successful crafter. I’d have bins, baskets, drawers, and cupboards full of all the essential crafting supplies so I would be prepared anytime the crafting bug bit. I’d have neat little craft projects lined up for my toddler to do on rainy […]

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No Foot Too Small: Our Story of Losing Beau

Good Morning Iowa City Moms! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Robin Boudreau…and I too am an Iowa City Mom. In addition to being a medical sales rep for Medtronic, a hobby photographer, and a food blogger, I am also a wife to my husband, high school sweetheart, and best […]

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How I Beat the Lonely Bug…and tips to keep it out!

I was young and in love. The thought of leaving the place where I had grown up, gone to school, made everlasting friendships, met the love of my life, and started our new life together had been pushed out of my mind, over and over again. He told me he wanted to be a doctor. […]

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Guilty or Not Guilty?

Being a mom was always on my list of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Because I became a mom slightly later in life at age 33, I had plenty of time to prepare. When you become a new mom, everyone under the sun wants to give you advice. Some advice that […]

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