The Lonely World of Infertility {Infertility Awareness}

Eleven months and one hundred and ninety-six injections. Those are just two of the numbers that helped to create our family. Our infertility journey began in 2009. I delivered our son Harrison in 2011. We started a new journey in 2012, and I delivered our daughter Libby in 2013. It’s 2014, and I am starting […]

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It Took a Village to Make a Baby {Infertility Awareness}

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, in our case it took a village to make a baby. In April 2009, at the age of 24, my husband Mark and I welcomed a baby girl named Kaylee into the world. Three months postpartum, after suffering a major seizure in […]

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Keeping the Infertility Conversation Going {Infertility Awareness}

To the people reading this post because they saw the word – infertility – and thought they were going to find the magic answer in my blog post, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because there is no magic answer, and no right way. No right decision. No perfect solution. I’m also sorry because my bout in […]

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{From the Archives} Lauren :: How I Became a Mother

Lauren’s Story Becoming a mother was always part of my life plan.  But, life doesn’t always go according to plan. After a year of trying with no success, I decided to see a fertility specialist.  The first doctor I saw completely overwhelmed me with plans of different drugs and injections.  I just wanted to know […]

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What I Lived, What I Learned, & Where YOU Can Start {Infertility Awareness}

:: What I Lived :: It was finally time! After almost three years of marriage, we were ready to expand our family. We took a fabulous trip to Greece and Italy, and we were ready to hit the ground running. For my husband and I, it was never a matter of if we wanted children […]

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Never Give Up {Infertility Awareness}

Our infertility journey started in 2009. We had been married for two and a half years, and we decided to try for a baby. Little did we know at the time that it was going to be WAY harder than we ever expected. After about five months, I headed to my OB for my annual […]

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IVF After Parenthood {Infertility Awareness}

It has been over six years since we first started our In-vitro Fertilization {IVF} journey. We have been blessed with three children – one tenacious 4 year old and exuberant 16-month-old boy/girl twins. At least once everyday I look at them and think to myself how lucky we are. From the outside, I am sure […]

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Finding Hope in the Heartbreak {Infertility Awareness}

Years ago in my 20s, I must admit that I thought fertility was practically guaranteed. My husband and I married relatively young at 23, and our plan was to have a handful of years to play before we even thought about kids. Our plan. So that’s just what we did – we traveled some and […]

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Introducing a New Series :: “SOS Becky”

We are super excited to announce our very own advice column…SOS Becky! Think Dear Abby, but specifically geared for you lovely readers of Houston Moms Blog! We all need help. This is why so many of us love the write in section of magazines. We were glued to them in Seventeen long before we even had a […]

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Little Free Library

You’re out with the kids on a stroll through the neighborhood.  You come across a kind of quirky box.  Bigger than a mailbox, but not in your way.  It might be decorated like a little barn.  Or covered in peace symbols.  You think, “Oh, that would be cute to post to Instagram…if I could just […]

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