HMB’s Book Club {July Review}

July has come and {almost!} gone, so it’s time to review our latest Book Club choice!  You chose Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and I hope you’ve had time to finish up – because we’re ready to discuss it!  Bre’onna and I will share their thoughts, and it’s your chance to comment below and let us […]

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Summer Birthday Parties in Houston

My daughter’s birthday is at the very end of August.  It’s hot. It’s humid. And no one wants to be outside in Houston! If you have a summer birthday in your family, I’m sure you can relate. Every year {well, she’s about to be 3 - so for three years} I struggle on where/what/how to have her […]

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Hit By a Heat Wave :: Spread Fun & Teach Kindness This Summer

We have been hit by a few things around here lately. Let’s see… We were first hit with a summer of the sickies. The kids alternated weeks of fever for the first four weeks of Houston’s hang-at-the-pool season. One managed to contract hand, foot, and mouth disease. And then an ear infection. And another infection a […]

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Chloe+Isabel Giveaway

We’re in love with the accessories and gorgeous jewelry pieces from a new partner, Kristin Luttrell, of Chloe + Isabel. Chloe + Isabel is a mostly online jewelry and accessory boutique — though one can invite friends and host a Chloe + Isabel pop up party at the location of their choice.  We love the […]

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Exploring Houston :: The Heights

Since we did our photoshoot with Momma’s Gonna SNAP earlier this year, I’ve been dying to get back to The Heights.  I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and know the Heights but I don’t *know* The Heights. It lies in that area between I10 and 610, from Ella to 45.  So I hopped on I10 West and […]

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Teaching Our Children Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, new neighbors moved into the house next to us. I decided to make them cookies so our family could deliver them and introduce ourselves. While I was at the grocery picking out cookie mix {because who has time to make them from scratch?} I began explaining to my 2 year […]

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Forever 5 Minutes Late

My kids are officially out of school for the summer, but a couple of times a week they go have a little “school” time at a friend’s house. It helps keep me sane and gives our break a little structure. However, no matter how hard I try, school year or not, we are ALWAYS 5 […]

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Sounds of Summer in Houston {Best Venues & Upcoming Shows}

One of my favorite things about Houston is all of the great spots for live music and the variety of shows that roll through town – especially in the summer.  I even interned and worked in radio for a bit because I loved the access to the local music scene both in Houston and Dallas.  […]

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Tough Decision :: Moving to the Burbs!

Two things I said in my former life - “I’ll never move to the burbs!” and “I could never stay at home with my kids – are you kidding me?” Yep, you can guess what happened in both cases. Our family *loved* living in the Heights area of Houston. We lived in the “Woodland Heights” which was minutes […]

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Oversharing About Your Children Online

I have a personal blog where I enjoy documenting my family’s life. I love keeping track of my pregnancies, my girls’ monthly updates as babies, our family vacations, funny conversations, and little details that don’t matter to anyone else but me. I love looking back on my old blog posts and reflecting on good times. […]

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