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ryan and quinn grocery

Why Grocery Shopping Gives Me Hives

Oh, lord. The grocery. I have such a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. On one hand, I actually kinda love the process. The meal planning {yes, I actually love to meal plan}, the organized list by department, and even better, checking off the list. Preferably with a bold-colored pen. Part of my A-type personality I […]

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ash erin and me

Reasons, Seasons, and Lifetime of Friendships

You may have read this poem along the way, or variations of it. {Found here.} Honestly, until my 30′s, ahhh-hem… mid-thirties, I never realized how true it was. The basic premise is that friends come into our life for a reason {to meet a current need or struggle and when it’s resolved you go on […]

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Luggage Tag

DIY Kid’s Luggage Tag

If you know me or have read many of my posts, you probably know that I love a little DIY project. I especially enjoy including a handmade item as part of a gift. Several years ago I bought a cute personalized bag tag online as a baby gift. When it came in the mail I […]

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Plant it Forward :: Urban Farms in Houston

I took my little people to check out one of our sponsors, and y’all – it turned out to be a total gem of a  field.  Check it out :: A breathtaking half-acre farm sits in the middle of Montrose, my friends…did y’all know about this???  If I need a local  fruit and veggie fix, I […]

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Favorite Shower and Party Decorations

Since I am in the middle of putting together a baby shower for a friend, I thought I would share a few of my favorite decorations. These are all so easy. Not only would they work for baby showers, but also bridal showers, birthday parties, or really any special occasion. Framed Message Do you recognize […]

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