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Is Your Child’s Car Seat Installed Properly? The Odds Are Not In Your Favor.

A few months ago I was in a car accident. It was my fault, no other car/person/living thing was involved, and neither myself nor my daughter was injured, thank goodness. Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m intent on having you all learn from my mistake: despite studying the manual and researching how to […]

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{Sponsored} Six7 Marketing and Getting Your Ship Out of the Harbor

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” — William Shedd. Moms, we all have great aspirations for ourselves.  Besides being able to change a diaper with one hand, we have talents and skills that may not always take center-stage in our lives.  We keep our ships in […]

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Geocaching: All The World’s A … Scavenger Hunt!

Did you know that your neighborhood or local park contains hidden treasure?  Okay, not so much hidden treasure but hidden containers filled with trinkets, coins, or, at a minimum, a log book.  Geocaching – Geo-what?  (pronounced Gee – O – Cashing) – is an outdoor activity in which you use a hand-held GPS device or […]

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Eat. Sleep. Read. Shop Local. – Where Are the Independent Bookstores?

My husband and I are book people.  We read, we collect books, we create to-read lists.  I distinctly recall definitively knowing he was the “The One” the first time that I walked into his apartment and saw that he had dedicated as much precious New York City square footage to his bookshelves as he had […]

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Summer Begins: Adventures at the Stamford Nature Center

This summer is going to be an exciting one because my daughter A is old enough to do things.  She’s not quite 2 yet, but she’s curious and has a lot of energy to burn: winter and spring have been quite a test of this Mommy’s patience.  My remedy now that the weather is decent […]

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Looking to Add a Little Culture to Next Weekend’s Date Night … And for a Good Cause? Consider the CCNS Art Show.

As I write this, the little red schoolhouse in Rowayton (aka the Community Cooperative Nursery School or CCNS) is making its annual transformation from the nurturing classrooms in which pre-school children are playfully learning (and often covered in dirt, soap bubbles, or paint) to a French-style art salon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Lest there […]

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Music To Your Ears: Free Summer Concerts

They say music soothes the savage beast.  This is also often the same with children. In my house, if I turn on Pharrell’s ‘Happy,” even the worst of Princess Cranky Pants’ (AKA my daughter, A) tantrums is replaced by smiles and twirling around the living room in glee. Study after study shows that exposing your […]

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It (really does) Take a Village

I know this amazing group of women.  I’m not entirely sure how I would have survived the last three years without them.  And the crazy part is that prior to March 2011, I didn’t know any of them. About three and a half years ago, pregnant with my first child, I was on the hunt […]

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A Dummies Guide to GMOs

      In the past few years the term Genetically Modified Organisms, aka GMOs, seems to have taken over the media.  We’ve been blasted with anti GMO campaigns, bombarded with negative long-term effects, and scared into buying organic.  If you’re like me (and many Americans) you try your best to buy organic whenever possible […]

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One is NOT the loneliest number

The WHEN questions started when my husband and I had been dating for a few months … “When are you getting married”?  The day after we got married, we were asked, “When are you going to start a family”?    My daughter turned 19 months old a week or so ago, and we’ve apparently hit […]

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