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One is NOT the loneliest number

The WHEN questions started when my husband and I had been dating for a few months … “When are you getting married”?  The day after we got married, we were asked, “When are you going to start a family”?    My daughter turned 19 months old a week or so ago, and we’ve apparently hit […]

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{Sponsored} KiddieHub… They Baby Moms

Most of my family’s baby gear purchases have only been made after some combination of research, reading reviews, testing the products in store, and having long one-sided conversations with my husband.  The reality is that when it comes to baby and toddler gear (accessories, toys, etc.) there are SO MANY options out there, and it […]

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Our First Family Vacation!

Last week we took our first “real” family vacation with our daughter, Lylah.  Real meaning we took an airplane to get to our destination and we stayed longer then an extended weekend.   We’ve taken Lylah on the 4 hour car trip up to Stowe, VT on several occasions, and she’s been to Boston with […]

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I’ve Come to Play!

Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing network of moms! My husband and I, and our two children, moved from New York City to Westport, CT seven years ago, and while I was the one kicking and screaming about leaving the city, I quickly realized just how […]

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Just Another Frantic Monday … A (Week)Day in Kara’s Life

Hi there! I’m Kara and the newest contributor to the Fairfield County Moms Blog.  I work full-time as an attorney and am mom to two sweet girls, M (almost 3 years old) and Z (9 months).  And, while most of the working mom population is trying to figure out whether to lean in, lean out, […]

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{Sponsored} Just Between Friends

Turn your bargain shopping habit into a business with Just Between Friends Franchise!  The Today Show calls it “the hottest ticket in town” and they want to come to Fairfield! Do you have a passion for great deals? Like a “never-ever-ever-pay-full-price, up-at-2am-fighting-for-that-black-Friday-steal, ‘Extreme Couponing’” kind of passion? Here is a chance to turn that passion […]

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Benadryl, check. Epi pen, check. #Allergymom4Life

  As a mom of a child with multiple food allergies (dairy/eggs/nuts/sesame (concentrated) and shrimp), this is my life whenever we leave the house. It wasn’t always this way…just since he turned about 6 months old. I feel ‘lucky’ because the worse my son has had as a reaction is terrible (like scratching to bleed […]

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Newborn Must Haves

As my due date approaches and my husband and I start to get the new nursery ready, I’m remembering all the things a newborn needs.  When I was pregnant with Lylah I read countless articles, blogs and sought advice from veteran Moms.  This time, I am the veteran Mom so I’ve been forced to think […]

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Prenatal Yoga

  “Pregnancy and childbirth are profound experiences in a woman’s life and prenatal yoga can help guide a woman through this journey.  A prenatal yoga class is a great opportunity to meet like-minded Moms and share your experiences.  While the physical practice strengthens the body in preparation for labor, yoga also teaches the student to […]

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A Year of Learning – How Will It Help With Baby #2?

My daughter turned one just last week on February 11th.  It has been an amazing year and one that went by a little to quickly.  I can’t believe Lylah, my baby, is no longer an infant.  She’s almost walking, eating real food and looks at me when I call her name.  Her face lights up […]

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