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What is a DOC Band?

 In utero, my daughter’s head was stuck in an awkward position near my hip bone.  As a result, she was born via emergency C-section with a bad case of torticollis.  In basic terms, torticollis means the muscles in her neck were fixed instead of flexible.  Her head only moved to one side and she could […]

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Staying Sane as a Stay at Home Mom

I love being a stay at home mom to my one year old daughter, Laila, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.  It took me awhile to find balance, but once I did, I was much better able to enjoy my days.  Here are some of the things that I do to stay sane as […]

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A Mom-Owned Business: Robin Grubard of Daily Fare

Prior to getting pregnant, I was in the process of starting a small baking business.  I’ve since put everything on hold until my daughter is, at the very least, in preschool, but I’m watching some local moms to see how they manage it all.  These moms amaze me and give me hope that, someday, I, […]

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A Year of Learning – How Will It Help With Baby #2?

My daughter turned one just last week on February 11th.  It has been an amazing year and one that went by a little to quickly.  I can’t believe Lylah, my baby, is no longer an infant.  She’s almost walking, eating real food and looks at me when I call her name.  Her face lights up […]

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Healthy Eating: Turkey Meatloaf

If you know me well,  you know I am not a beef eater.  I don’t eat steak.  I eat a hamburger maybe twice a year at most, and it is almost always at a summer barbecue.  Beef stews, soups or any other beef dish are extremely unappealing to me.  So it comes as a big […]

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Helpful Hints for Buying & Selling at the Tiny Tots Consignment Sale

Last August, we had just moved into our apartment, I was in clean-out mode, and I kept seeing signs for the Tiny Tots Consignment Sale.  Of course, I had to give it a try.  Tiny Tots is a semi-annual baby and children’s sale held at Greenwich Catholic School, organized by two sisters who make it easy for you […]

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Stop the Mom Shaming

 I’m  16 months into this mom thing, and the one thing that still really shocks me are judgments made by other moms. Sure, I know an opinionated person when I see one (I see one in the mirror every day), but I’m still shocked by the shear lack of respect and uncouth behavior and language […]

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A Day in the Life :: Liz Joy

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be joining the amazing team here at Fairfield County Mom’s Blog! I became a reader of FCMB as soon as I learned I was pregnant, so being able to contribute and connect with the readership is such an honor. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom in July, I have committed […]

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Globe Totters: Getting through the Airport with Baby!

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Globe Totters

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Globe Totters It’s Time, It’s Time…Time to head for the Airport and get on that Plane with your Baby! Think positive!  Being on a plane together gives you LOTS of time to play, cuddle, and interact with your baby!  Here are a few tips to […]

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Surviving Toddlerhood

tod·dler ˈtädlər/ noun noun: toddler; plural noun: toddlers 1. a young child who is just beginning to walk. Synonyms: small child, infant, tot, preschooler informal moppet, munchkin, tyke, rug rat, young ‘un When I was pregnant, people gave me advice (wanted and unwanted) on practically every aspect of how to handle a newborn – swaddling […]

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