School Aged Children and Sleep

Did you know that a typical kindergartener needs eleven hours of sleep to be considered well rested? Or that a typical middle schooler needs nine or ten and a high schooler needs eight or nine? Getting that amount of sleep every night may seem impossible given the busy schedules that children keep – with homework, […]

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Vacation in a Jar

Just a couple of short years ago, my life was forever changed by the tiny person who made his way into it.  I wasn’t naive enough to think that nothing in my life would change after having a baby – in fact, I was most certain that things would change.  I knew just about everything […]

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Tips and Tricks for Teething

While sitting down today trying to decide on an interesting and entertaining topic to write about, I am completely distracted my the multiple snot smears on my pants and the dampness around my collar from one of my twins using my shirt as a means to soothe his soar gums. I am in the middle […]

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{Sponsored} KiddieHub… They Baby Moms

Most of my family’s baby gear purchases have only been made after some combination of research, reading reviews, testing the products in store, and having long one-sided conversations with my husband.  The reality is that when it comes to baby and toddler gear (accessories, toys, etc.) there are SO MANY options out there, and it […]

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Spring Break!

We’re off on Spring Break but, don’t worry, we won’t leave you without all thing Fairfield County Moms Blog! We’ll re-share some of favorite posts so far this year as well as some new Mommy Questions. Have a great week and we’ll see you Monday April 21st!

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Mommy Foodie Fair! Mom’s Night Out

You are invited to join us for a special Mom’s Night Out! We are so excited to announce that Fairfield County Moms has partnered with Dishcrawl and will be hosting a Mommy Foodie Fair! And we can’t wait to enjoy the evening with you! If you’re not familiar with Dishcrawl, you’re in for a treat! […]

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Our First Family Vacation!

Last week we took our first “real” family vacation with our daughter, Lylah.  Real meaning we took an airplane to get to our destination and we stayed longer then an extended weekend.   We’ve taken Lylah on the 4 hour car trip up to Stowe, VT on several occasions, and she’s been to Boston with […]

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Welcoming the Newest Members of our Tribe

Recently, I’ve had a couple of friends become first-time moms, and it has brought me back to my earliest days with the Little Monkey.   Those first few weeks were intense and exhausting, and I remember them so clearly.  As someone who was a grateful recipient of all kinds of help when I had my baby, […]

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The Mother of Invention

So many products are invented by moms who create a solution to a problem they are having. Have you come up with something that works for you? Would other mothers need the same thing? When you have a new baby and growing children there are so many issues to deal with and moms come up […]

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The Greatest Preschool Program I Know!

(PS….she’s not full…and she does summer camp…what are you waiting for?)   Miss Sharon at Create Learning Center has been educating toddlers to middle schoolers for over 2 decades. She can’t even begin to put a number on the families she’s worked with, but all remember Miss Sharon and rave about her. For the past […]

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