Little Padded Seats: A Resource for the Community and How You Can Help

If you haven’t heard of Little Padded Seats before, we are excited to share this amazing local resource and storefront with you! If you have heard of them, you know they are THE place to go for all things baby and mama! From pregnancy and nursing products, baby carriers, and cloth diapers to toys and home […]

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Core Stability Exercises for Moms

Whether you hit up the gym on a regular basis or not, it’s safe to say that being a parent requires you to be in shape – a try-to-close-the-trunk-and-carry-a-child-on-one-hip-with-grocery-bags-in-the-opposite-hand-while-wearing-a-diaper-bag type of shape. Even if you are not interested in entering the next big fitness competition and could care less about a six pack, increasing core […]

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Meeting Aurora

Becoming an Aunt

Daughter, Granddaughter, Cousin, Sister, Student, Teacher, MOM. These are some of the more prominent roles I have had over the years. The mom gig I have been enjoying for over nine years. It has been amazing. Okay, tough, too, but I consider it to be my favorite title in life. Recently, I have embraced another […]

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Ingrid Williams Real Estate: Focus on Kitchens

Today’s Post is Sponsored by Ingrid Williams Real Estate.  The Gathering Place Kitchens are fascinating. Homes in general are always interesting, with their history and commentary on culture. But kitchens carry a distinctive mark of a family. Living rooms are pretty much structurally stagnant. Bathrooms remain consistently utilitarian. Bedrooms take on the flair of the […]

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Preparing for Baby, New Sibling, Big Brother

Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

As I approached the delivery of our second child, I couldn’t help but find myself feeling guilty. Guilty that our firstborn wasn’t going to get the love and attention we had been able to give him the past three and a half years. Guilty that he would be jealous of the time I would be […]

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raising biracial children

The Fears in Raising Biracial Children

I fear my kids growing up. I do. Will they be safe? Will they be healthy? Will they find their passion? Will they make good decisions? Will their mistakes be minor enough to climb back from? The world is a scary place. Growing up is hard. To say I’m not fearful of all that could happen […]

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I Can Do That

When two out of three kids crawled into my bed shortly before 4:00 this morning, after all these years of having kids, I still believed I’d go back to bed for a while. The smallest kicked and wrestled with my covers and stroked my arm with his tiny hand. The older child relenting her space […]

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