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Sex After Kids: Possible? Or Urban Legend?

I feel like a marriage series would be missing something if we didn’t discuss one of it’s most important topics (if not the most important) — SEX {tactfully, I hope}.     Most specifically — sex after kids.  And, let’s be honest, just how hard it is!  (No pun intended. There goes my tact already! […]

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Why My Marriage Comes First in My Family

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. But after the baby is out of the carriage and toddling, walking, or jumping through the house, what comes next? I spent the first year of my daughter’s life devoted to every aspect of her being. [What can I say, I'm […]

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Marriage Fears

My husband and I have been married close to nine years. I would say we have a healthy and happy marriage. We work really well as a team, we know how to communicate and know when we need space, we have fairly regular date nights and we are striving to understand the evolution of marriage […]

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Marriage is Hard: 4 Tips Preschoolers Know That Can Make it Better!

Someone recently suggested that we stop calling marriage hard and, instead, use the word “challenging” because, “two people building a new life together shouldn’t be hard…” Excuse me? Taking two different people with different family backgrounds with their own hang-ups and baggage and then meshing them together into a well-functioning couple is just plain hard.  Long […]

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Love and Marriage…Most of the Time

Marriage. Never has something been so fiercely contested, passionately fought for or against, desperately sought or avoided, or been the topic of such desperate heart ache.   Yet five years in, marriage is maybe starting to make sense. And by make sense I do not mean “perfected” or that I “get it.” Ha! Rather the […]

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Want To Go On A LUNCH Date?

Sometimes the best ideas are so obvious and simple. In this case, my husband and I were trying to find a sitter and dinner reservation for the over-hyped and prime date event of Valentine’s Day. Then it hit me: since I work outside the home part-time, we ALREADY had a baby sitter on Valentine’s Day. […]

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At Home Date Night

I really felt like I knew what I was getting in to when we decided to have kids. I grew up in a family of 7 kids, so chaos was nothing new to me. I was a camp counselor for three summers, so meeting kids constant needs and keeping them entertained came easily to me. […]

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Husband with Baby

Contributor Confessions I Our Better Halves

As moms, we tend to get a lot most of the credit for how our children are raised. If a child can read at a remarkable age, it’s usually the mom who’s praised for spending time with them on phonics. If a child is well-behaved, it’s usually the mom who gets the compliments on being a […]

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Avoiding the Communication Rut

Do you and your husband talk? I mean, really talk about things other than sinking calendars? It’s harder than it sounds. I was watching Up All Night last week, and I related to the subject matter as I do almost every week. This particular episode focused on communication, or rather the inability to communicate with […]

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My favorite Dallas bloggers

Later this week in New York City, around 4,500 bloggers will gather at the annual BlogHer conference to celebrate all that is wonderful about blogging. City Moms Blog will be there, as well as several of our own Dallas Moms Blog contributing writers (including me!). At Dallas Moms Blog, we’re not just writers, we’re also […]

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Guys Aren’t Meant to Be Girlfriends…

“I was thinking that the coral tank top would go great with this skirt, and how about these earrings and watch? And then with my makeup, I was thinking about trying this new eye liner technique I saw on You Tube…” My husband’s eyes start to roll back into his head as he falls into […]

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Mom to Mom: After the Kids go to Bed

Having kids can definitely change the dynamic of a marriage. Suddenly date nights are a challenge, spontaneity goes out the window, and romance can be hard to find. In this Mom to Mom, we are facing those challenges that new parents have as a couple. Although we are still new at this, we are sharing […]

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Baby Daddy Diaries: Get Out of Here!

I just performed a wedding ceremony and I did not let the bride and groom in on one of the of the most important keys to a happy marriage. This seems weird for a pastor to withhold any tidbit of important information for a newlywed couple but this piece of advice is a bit controversial. […]

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Baby Daddy Diaries: Communication 101

I dropped the ball this morning as a dad. Halle was crying at 6:15 AM (Of course you know it was AM, who cares about a PM story- AM stories are the ones that harden us and make us stare into the mirror as we examine our baggy eyes and wonder, “whose idea was it […]

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Mom Lesson: Growing Pains

After 4 years of dating and almost 8 years of marriage, I can finally say that I’m making progress in biting my tongue. I first noticed this when one day my husband was feeding our daughter and she was super messy (she gets messy when I feed her but this was SUPER messy, if you […]

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