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5 Places to Teach Your Kids About Art in Dallas

As a life-long art-lover and former elementary art teacher, I try to take every opportunity to teach my daughter about art. Some of this is through art projects at home, but I really love to take her out to see “real” art in person.  Dallas is such a great place to learn about art! We have […]

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Sign Me Up For That! How Busy Kills Us

Kids activities: I love them! And also: I loathe them. Our kids’ extracurricular activities can cause the wheels to come off the bus. We’re not alone. Talk to any parents of school-aged children, and this is bound to come up. The year we started homeschooling, I had stars in my eyes and big plans for […]

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Three Ways the New Breed of HomeSchooling Moms Will Surprise You! (Hint: She Doesn’t Own a Denim Jumper!)

Denim jumpers. Fourteen children crammed in a fifteen-passenger van. Colorful letters-of-the-alphabet signs doubling as home decor…  This is what I thought the homeschooling mother was all about. That is until I became one.  I had read other blog posts about how great homeschooling was…  But, I still thought those women were a little unconventional if […]

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Nature Centers in DFW :: For Nature-Deficit Disordered Parents and Children

My family and I moved to the DFW area five and a half years ago for my husband’s job. It all happened very quickly. I’d moved several times before; I considered myself to be adaptable and resourceful. We expected to stay a while, so I hoped DFW and I would like each other. I found […]

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Learning Letters: Parent Approved Tools

Lately, my 3-year-old son has been very interested in learning his letters.  In my quest to capture this enthusiasm, I’ve found some fun learning tools that I wanted to share with fellow readers: 1. LeapFrog Interactive Letter Factory Flash Cards  - We were already a fan of LeapFrog’s Junior Book Pal.  The system centers around an […]

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6 Steps for Taking a Family “Time Out”

It starts out with a small feeling of being overwhelmed. Your baby has become a toddler who has become a child who now has…activities! Soccer, gymnastics, dance, music, art, t-ball, girl scouts, boy scouts, [need I go on??] or any of the other many activities our children love to do – and we love watching […]

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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

Our mornings start pretty late, with me rolling out of bed around 7:30, or whichever time our 18 month old, Abigail, decides to wake up for the day. Sophie (our 4 year old) has been awake since Husband got out of bed, so I come into the living room and find her hanging out in […]

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Adventures in Homeschooling (in Dallas)

As the end of the school year rolls around, most Dallas parents are facing the looming question: “Where will my child(ren) go to school in the fall?” For some it will be private or charter schools, for some public schools, and for others it will be at home. Curious about homeschooling or what the Dallas […]

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Get out of Dallas!

Last spring, my family embarked on a camping trip. With our 22-month-old. Who was potty training. And we took 6 other families with us. And they all had at last one child, some three. And it was SO fun. Now, to be fair, I did camp a lot as a child. I did the Girl […]

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V is for Valentines Day!

February…what a great month for learning about love and indulging in sweets! We have had a great time crafting and baking to celebrate love month. On the weekdays, my daughter and I do preschool together. It is normally short, 15-30 minutes, and really looks much more like structured play time than school. I really find […]

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DIY Sensory Table

A few days ago, we visited the Children’s Museum at the Museum of Nature and Science. We’ve been a few times before, but this time Kyler was really interested in the water table and the sand table. He is finally old enough to sit or stand at the tables and really concentrate on what he […]

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Manners by Mattel: What the Princess Craze Can Teach Our Daughters

When I found out I was having a daughter there was one thing I knew for sure, I would make sure that she never got into Barbie or Disney Princesses.  I did not want my little girl to grow up expecting a perfect life of “happily ever after,” or, worse, to feel inadequate because her […]

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Top 5 Reasons I Chose to Homeschool

I remember growing up and meeting the very rare “homeschooler”, and never really thinking that there might be a method to that madness. I just didn’t know people that did it. Kinda sounds like a bad word, like “repeat-offender” or something. How did they come to this insane decision to school their own children? Well, since joining the […]

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Preschool- @ home!

I love the month of August, and not just because it’s my birthday month! I get excited about something else that happens in August. I can’t wait for the time of year when I can walk through the school supplies aisles at Target! Fresh pencils. Cute lunch boxes. Bottles of Elmer’s glue. Clean, crisp calendars. Sharpies. Crayons. Just listing these […]

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