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The Belly Project | Lindy Jo – 15 Weeks

Be sure to check back later today for a BIG giveaway! Lindy Jo is pregnant with her first baby and kind enough to be sharing this journey with Dallas Moms Blog. We will get to experience with her the excitement, fears, and joy that come with expecting. Lindy Jo will be video blogging all about […]

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Best Hospitals in Dallas To Have a Baby

It can be overwhelming when trying to decide which Hospital or Birthing Center in Dallas to choose to deliver your baby. It’s always nice to have a little background on the facility, and it’s even better to know what other moms who have delivered there are saying. Here, you will find what REAL MOMS said […]

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Who’s Afraid of a C-section? Part 1: This is NOT the way I planned it!

The baby’s heart rate dipped with each contraction.  I heard a beeping sound from my monitor, the doctor rushed in and said those words I really didn’t want to hear, “We’re going for an emergency C-section, now!” Next thing I knew I was being wheeled into surgery.  I was crying – no, make that sobbing.  […]

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Hello, I’m New Here

Many of you know from a previous post that my husband and I are fairly-new Dallas residents as of almost exactly a year ago. We moved due to job promotion and landed here in the good ol’ state of Texas. An exciting venture, to be sure, we were bursting at the seams to get here […]

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It’s a Fair Deal!

It’s that time again. You’ve seen the banners around the streets of Dallas. You can smell the corny dogs from miles away. You can hear Big Tex calling your name. It’s time to get down to Fair Park and enjoy the State Fair! But wait, what’s that you say…you don’t want to pay a small […]

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I’m not crazy, I just have high needs babies

Now that our little girl – our second child – is 7 months old, I think it’s time for me to admit it: I am the parent of not one, but two high needs children. It wasn’t until just this month that I was even aware of the term “high needs”. Thank you to my […]

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GIVEAWAY: Babytique Gift Card

Today we have a fun giveaway to one of the cutest baby boutiques in Dallas. Babytique just opened off Forest and Inwood, but it is so much more than just a store. They offer a one-of-a-kind registry experience, in-store classes, and other special events. Of course their super cute baby products are what entice you in […]

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Mom Lesson: It’s All About the Kids

Here I am in the midst of planning my daughter’s FIRST birthday party and I’m faced with a dilemma I’m sure many of you have faced…. should I throw a big a party or a small party? invite everyone we know or just close friends and family? I have received a few invitations to some […]

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Mommy Meals-the Best Gift EVER!

I’m here to tell you that the best gift you can give to a mommy with a new baby-whether it’s baby #1 or #5, biological or adopted-isn’t a cute outfit or diapers or bottles. The best gift for a family with a new addition is DINNER! After having my son and bringing him home, let’s […]

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Have you been to Canton Trade Days?

Hopefully your answer to the question above is YES! Because if you haven’t been to Canton, Texas, for their First Monday Trade Days, you are missing out! Though technically not “Dallas” fun, Canton is less than an hour away and their Trade Days are something every Dallas mom should experience. If you haven’t been, or are not […]

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Desperate Times Call for Homecooked Goodness…Not Pizza Delivery!

The last two weeks have left me exhausted.  Between a sick child, being sick myself, plumbing issues, hail damage to our roof and just the daily realm of mommyhood–meal planning hasn’t been a top priority.  Thankfully, because I typically plan our meals weeks in advance I always have things on hand to either whip up […]

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We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Fall is here and I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited about the cooler temperatures we are starting to experience in DFW!  While some people people are starting to think about boots, jackets, and soups, a lot of people in Richardson are so excited about something quite the opposite — ice cream!! This […]

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Family Friendly Halloween/Fall Events

As a new parent, I still have a few years until I have to worry about my children wanting to dress up as mummies or witches. For now, Kyler is perfectly content being a pumpkin or lion. But I can’t help but notice the controversy that seems to surround this seemingly harmless “holiday”. If we […]

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