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Booking Across the USA: Vermont Books and Fun Activities


We are excited to be participating in the Booking Across the USA project as Vermont’s representative blog! In an effort to showcase regional books, blogs in each state are highlighting a book unique to their culture/state. To get some ideas of some great books to add to your little one’s reading list, check out the entries from other states, but #1 on your list should be our picks!

We chose two different books because we had such a hard time deciding! Our first pick is North Country Spring by Reeve Lindbergh.



Reeve has lived in Vermont since 1968, writing and raising her family. We LOVE this book in our house, and it is especially timely as spring is just around the corner! North Country Spring shares how animals respond to the coming of spring, and helps all who read it celebrate the beauty of the season!

One of my favorite lines in the book is when spring is beckoning the animals to “come out … whoever you are. Come out with the dawn and the morning star.” Your children will encounter animals such as moose, foxes, geese, maple trees, bears, deer, trout as they shake off the ice, snow, and cold of winter and prepare for the glorious spring. The paintings are beautifully done by Liz Sivertson who currently resides in Duluth, MN.

Fun Extension Activities:

1. Take a nature walk as spring is beginning and have your child point out some of the signs of spring that they see. For older children they could take pictures or complete some drawings of their observations.

2. Study some of the different animals talked about in the book. Let your child pick an animal they are interested in and learn as much as you can together! (There are two pages of animal notes at the back of the book to help get you started!)

3. Go for a hike and see if you can spot any of the animals mentioned. This might be harder for those of us that live closer to the city, but you could always take a day trip somewhere close by to a hiking spot to hunt for the animals.

4. Have your child create a drawing of their favorite animal from the book. You could also find a craft to do. Check out the blog No Time for Flash Cards for a list of great animal crafts!


The second book that we chose was Champ and Me By the Maple Tree by Ed Shankman and illustrated by David O’Neill.

These two men take on the great legend of Champ, the lake monster found in Lake Champlain. The main character is a little girl who meets Champ by her favorite maple tree. Champ turns out to be a very kid-friendly monster, inviting the girl to sit on his head and ride with him through the Vermont countryside. Together they go across the great state of Vermont, past farms and mills and over covered bridges, meet some cows, eat some maple syrup-covered cheese, and eventually return to the girl’s favorite maple tree.


My favorite quote is found at the beginning and the end of this book… “If you come to Vermont near a lake called Champlain, and you cut through the woods on an old country lane, there’s a chance you will see my friend Champ and me playing happy and free by the old maple tree.”

Fun Extension Activities

1. Discover more about the legend of Champ. Together you can research exactly what the legend entails and how it came about.

2. Watch this adorable Youtube video about the book. It’s a must see!

3. Go to a Lake Monsters baseball game.

4. Go explore some of the places found in the book. Take a day trip to some local covered bridges, a farm, or go grab some maple goodies.

5. Go to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center and explore what kind of animals and creatures really are found in Lake Champlain.

6. For older children, have them write their own story about meeting Champ and what they would do for the day.

Have you read either of these books to your children? Do you have another Vermont favorite??


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  1. Country Fun February 25, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

    Another new book to bring out about a seasonal change we experience and about an animal we very much enjoy – bears.

  2. Jodie @ Growing Book by Book February 27, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Champ and Me by the Maple Tree looks so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at our Booking Across the USA project.

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