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Plantain Chips were the highlight of this lunch!

Rainbow Lunches!

Picture this…. You’re in the kitchen making lunch for your kids and you set it in front of them and they are so excited they gobble it all up! A dream come true! That’s how I feel when I make a Rainbow Lunch for my son. My 2.5 year old sometimes turns down the food […]

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The Five Reasons You’re Probably a Better Mom than I am… And the One Reason You’re Not

Sometimes as moms we question our abilities. We compare ourselves to other moms, our families to other families, our lives to the lives of others. All of this comparing can make us feel inadequate and quite frankly, like we’re failing. I thought I would address some of the areas that I find myself caught in […]

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A Buddha Bowl Meal

Now that you’ve read about all the sex you could ever want to hear about from our BVT Mom bloggers, let’s move on to something we can really get jazzed about…food. Last week for lunch I fried up some frozen vegetable dumplings. Both Trader Joes and Costco sell these, and they are minimally processed. As […]

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Weekend Wednesdays final

Weekend Wednesdays: February 27th to March 1st

Here are some of our favorite events taking place this weekend… Saturday, February 28, 2015 Ben & Jerry’s Winter Festival Gather friends & family, put on an extra layer and come join the fun at Ben & Jerry’s from 11 am to 4 pm. Elements of this free outdoor festival include: 2015 flavor samples DJ […]

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Introvert 3

Tips for Extrovert Parents With Introvert Kids

I am the youngest of five kids and grew up feeling at home in social situations. In general, I am energetic around people and thrive off of interaction. Although I don’t love labels, I closely resemble the textbook defintion of “extrovert.” Two of my three children, however, share behaviors that would be described as introverted, although […]

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Mother-Daughter Bucket List

Mother/Daughter Bucket Lists I have four children. Two girls and two boys. Perfect, right? Well, most of the time! I have found myself really analyzing our relationships lately, especially with my two girls. Perhaps it’s because one is in Middle School now and the other wishes she was. Perhaps more so though because I am […]

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10 Nail Colors That Should Exist for Moms

Raising kids takes a toll on a mom’s body. That’s not exactly breaking news, but I don’t mean just the infamous biological badges of motherhood bestowed on us by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, the revered shifting, stretching, and–dare I say it?–sagging. I’m thinking more small scale, the day-to-day physical impact of being a mom (or a dad). Don’t get me wrong, it’s […]

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C+ Parenting

Hi. I’m a C+ parent and I’m good with that. Sometimes on my parenting assignments I get an A. Like when my kids “sneak” raw green beans that I’m prepping for dinner because they love them, so I go ahead and Instagram that crap. And sometimes I get an F. Like every freakin’ Tuesday when […]

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A Winter’s Farmers’ Market-Fresh Food and Fun in the Dead of Winter

In Vermont, we love our local food. You could say we are a whole bunch of localvores. Almost every community in Vermont has a summer farmers’ market, and Vermont has the most farmers’ markets per capita in the entire country. I love going to summer farmers’ markets, the atmosphere is truly a “Vermont” experience. Also, especially […]

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