Mommy Foodie Fair: New Details!

A week ago we announced our next event: a Mommy Foodie Fair Moms Night Out ...

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Keeping with last month’s theme of “Spring Cleaning”, I want to do a post all about cleaning your makeup brushes. Brushes should be cleaned regularly; spot cleaned at least every other day and deep cleaned once a week, or at a very minimum once a month. A good rule of thumb is to treat them […]

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Mom Patrol

Last Saturday night I went out with a friend whom I’ve known since nursery school. Thirty-six years (thirty-seven in her case, but who’s counting?!) of friendship, and we actually now live in the same city. It was destiny.  But friendship isn’t where I’m going with this post. Although I could fill pages with the love […]

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But what do April snow showers bring?

Winter broke like a fever and suddenly it’s spring, birds chirp merrily in the trees, darting down to the spongy moss covered earth that’s bare and raw, snow drawn back like a curtain, exposing little shriveled fermented apples and wiggling earthworms. The air is warm and damp and full of excitement because spring is literally […]

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Fighting The Mom Brain

I wouldn’t say that I was ever SUPER organized, even before kids. But I did, at the very least, manage not to miss appointments or show up 20 minutes late to everything. I remembered to call my mom and didn’t have to overnight birthday presents because OHCRAPISTHATTOMORROW? Now, though? Now I feel like the biggest […]

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A Hair Story

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe my daughter’s hair: curly, twisty, kinky, coily, afro, poofy, big, natural, 4C and nappy just to name a few. Some I embrace and use regularly with pride and some I stay away from because of the negative connotations that they carry. A little background: My […]

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Paternity Leave

I’m not a big sports fan.  I watch the Olympics, but not with any regularity.  I tune into the World Series, maybe every other year.  And the only reason I know that the World Cup is held every 4 years is because I danced for the 2010 WC game kickoff in Seattle.  That being said, […]

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Protecting My Kids: Beyond the Playground

For  many of us, when we spend our first days as Moms, we can’t help but fall madly in love with this new gift in our lives. This precious being that we have been ordained to care for. A creature so innocent and helpless. Their very survival depends on our ability to care for them. […]

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Unplugging in the Afternoon + A Giveaway

Yesterday, the kids and I colored monster pictures.   Maggie is into patterns these days and so alternated coloring her monsters turquoise and brown. Sophia, having recently begun feeling proud of her artistic skills, worked slowly and confidently, using “lots of detail” a phrase she learned from Mrs. G, her beloved art teacher.  Sean’s imagination went wild, as […]

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Why My Husband is Superman

Yes, this may turn out to be one of those mushy blog posts – but I think I am due for one. Most of the time my husband is Clark Kent – he blends in well with others and may be seen reading a book quietly. But I know that he also has an alter […]

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How Death is a Part of Life: A Conversation with my 4-Year Old

The first thing my son saw die was by my own hand. He was so little. I can’t forget those little surprised and curious eyes looking at me with the question on his lips-one that he didn’t have the vocabulary for. “Mommy, did you make that bee….sad?“ He wasn’t so far off, I guess. Sadness […]

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Mommy Foodie Fair: New Details!

A week ago we announced our next event: a Mommy Foodie Fair Moms Night Out in collaboration with Dishcrawl and City Moms Blog Network. We will be joining 15 other City Moms Blog sister site cities across the nation who will be hosting a Mommy Foodie Fair and enjoying the evening with you! Hundreds (maybe even […]

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Daycare: A Love Story

In the five months since my 16 month old twins began daycare, my thinking about its value and role in our lives has transformed in a wonderful and very surprising way. In the beginning, I saw daycare as a necessary “evil,” a costly and inadequate substitute for parenting that we were forced to endure due […]

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