National Infertility Week: How to Be a Supportive Friend

For the many of you who are reading this blog series (here is Part 1 and  Part 2) who have never struggled with fertility, chances are that you know someone who is.  Infertility affects between 10% and 15% of couples trying to conceive.  You likely have a friend or a relative who is currently dealing […]

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National Infertility Week: How to Cope

Yesterday, I shared my story of my journey through infertility .  What I failed to share yesterday, however, was the deep agonizing pain that I went through in that journey.  I didn’t share about the endless nights when I would cry myself to sleep, or when I would wake up in the morning with tears […]

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National Infertility Week: My Story

I have two amazing children.  Matthew, my three-year-old, is an inquisitive, bright, tractor-loving country boy, while Ben, my almost-two-year-old, is a playful, hilarious, sweet bull in a china shop.  I cannot imagine not being their mother. But for years I could not imagine that I ever would have the chance. In 2006, after two years of marriage, […]

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Expectations: Life Redefined

Our son William was baptized on Sunday. I was so excited. I had been planning it for weeks. My husband and I were hosting a brunch for our families at our house afterward. He had an adorable outfit picked out. A close family friend was going to baptize him. It was going to be perfect […]

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Last-Minute Dollar Store Easter Baskets

I’ve never been great at planning ahead.  Easter is one holiday that always catches me off guard. With the actual easter basket, I never really know what to put in it, and my kids are really too young to enjoy candy (or at least they should be!) After buying new clothes for Easter, I don’t […]

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Filling Up Your Mommy Cup

Do you ever have those moments where you are weak, tired, and at the end of your rope? You just need that little boost to get you through the day? A few days ago, the girls and I were finishing up our last few errands on a very busy day. I was completely exhausted and […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Mommy Foodie Fair

The Mommy Foodie Fair is just a few, short weeks away on Tuesday, May 6th at 6:30pm!! Have you invited a friend and purchased your tickets?! No, well, we are here to do a little convincing as to WHY you won’t want to miss this AWESOME event!  TOP 10 REASONS 10. This is the FIRST […]

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Tiffany’s Magical World Vacations: Saving at Disney {Sponsored}

After taking my oldest son to Disney at 2.5 while 6 months preggo with our youngest, we knew we’d eventually want to return as a family of 4 someday.  Once the stars aligned and the timing seemed right, we were ready to begin planning our first trip!  Only this time, we were on our own.  […]

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Don’t Give Up on Your Picky Eater

I hear it all the time, whether it’s at birthday parties, restaurants, or just hanging out with friends: “But, mommy!  I don’t like that!”  Dealing with picky eaters is an uphill battle, but encouraging their pickiness is not a good idea.  I undertand…you simply want your child to eat.  However, as a junior high teacher, I took […]

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Cutest Easter & Spring Photo Contest (On Facebook)

We LOVE that it is finally spring! After this long, cold winter, I know we are all ready for the brighter colors, warmer weather, and beautiful blooms.  While we are all celebrating the new season, the Red Stick Moms Blog team is also celebrating something new: 2,000 likes on our Facebook page! We couldn’t think […]

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