How Important is a Pediatric Dentist???

I’ve noticed on my Facebook that many of my Mommy friends ask for referrals for a pediatric dentist on a regular basis. When I read these requests, I sort of snubbed my nose because honestly, I’ve had bad experiences at kid’s haircut places and assumed I would have an equally annoying experience at a pediatric dentist. Like Lincoln’s hair, I just assumed I would take him to my dentist. I mean can a pediatric dental experience be THAT different???

Okay well….ummm…I’m going to answer my own question here. H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, YES!!!!!!

I wouldn’t normally scream from the rooftops regarding a dental experience, but I’m just assuming that other toddlers aren’t that far off from mine… oh you know, resistant, wiggly, impatient, short attention span, independent, not super eager to sit still, etc. etc. etc. I won’t go into my experience at my dental office, because it’s actually pretty dull. Instead I’ll focus on the experience we had at Rising Star Pediatric Dentistry a couple of days ago. And believe you me, short of writing in ALL CAPS, I’M SCREAMING FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!!

Minus the minor fender bender I got into in an adjacent parking lot (her fault not mine, I have to add), our dental experience was crème de la crème! Rising Star has 2 locations, Lakeline and Steiner Ranch… we chose the Steiner Ranch location. Being in Lakeway, it took us under 10 minutes (excluding being ran into and the time it took to exchange contact info) to get to the offices. But honestly, I would have driven 30-45 minutes to get to them…they are that good.

Rising Star has to have THE CUTEST office perfect for the kids. They have games, Tangled was playing on the flat screen, a touch screen game center that Lincoln was obsessed with, teeth friendly suckers, prizes that you get at the end of your visit, these fancy stuffed animals with these creepy enormous teeth that Lincoln was crazy about practicing his teeth brushing skills on, state of the art equipment (Lincoln couldn’t care less, but Mama cares!!!), and THE friendliest office staff ever that had much more patience with my child than I ever have. Take a tour of their office here…you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

Lincoln and I met with Dr. Freeze, a veteran to Rising Star and Dr. Aurora, a transplant from New York. I’m sure all of the doctors are amazing, but I can’t speak highly enough about the two I met. They were way less like dentist’s and much more like 2 gals I’d want to meet out for margaritas…except they are probably really teeth consciences and I’d feel super extra toothy and smiley with them :) Seriously though, they were both amazing, thorough, and at one point I joked with Dr. Aurora that she didn’t know she went to all that schooling to become a nanny…she was chasing Lincoln around the building so I could finish speaking with the hygienist. Which could possibly be part of her job description…I’m not sure.

The only flaw I can find with Rising Star Pediatric Dentistry is that they make their office so darn fun for the kids that I had to drag Lincoln out screaming and kicking. No. Seriously.

Next Friday Dr.Freeze and Dr. Aurora with Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry in Steiner Ranch will be hosting a “Teeth and Tots: Brunch and Munch”. This will include a dental health presentation for the kids, tour of the office with explanations of equipment and materials and, a Q&A session with the doctors themselves. They are holding a raffle free of charge to all event participants for a Sonicare Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush! They are closing their office just for this event in order to give parents the opportunity to chat so no one will feel rushed. This will all be happening on January 25, 2013 from 10am-12pm with brunch, coffee, tea and juice provided. This event is completely free and kids are welcome too! Space is limited so we encourage everyone to RSVP as soon as possible. Call Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry at 512.266.7200 Option 1!

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist or do you believe in taking the kids to your dentist?



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