One Month Until D-Day!

Today is November 26.  My due date is December 26.  Whoa.  One month left.  I can’t believe we’re here.  Two fellow December mommies-to-be that I know had their babies last week.  If that doesn’t make it hit home that we are close to your due date, I don’t know what will!

Since I began contributing to AMB, you have helped me predict whether this baby would be a boy or girl.  {We’re having a girl…or ‘gurl’ as we call her.}  I also ranted about pregnancy pet peeves.  But this baby still seemed so far away!

With 1 month to go, I’m thinking about everything we’ve done and everything we still have to do.  I think my ‘to do’ list grows every day though!

We {or really I if we’re being honest, haha} have:

  • A birth plan
  • A doula {because we are doing this natural, yo!}
  • Read several natural birth books
  • A nursery semi ready to go
  • Childcare covered for Trent
  • The breast pump back out

We still need to:

  • Get our infant carrier down from the attic and install
  • Decorate the nursery {not a top priority}
  • Go to court for my placenta {there’s a good story for this one…coming soon…}
  • Tour the hospital {we switched since we had Trent}
  • Take a pain management class
  • Get all the baby clothes washed and hand-me-downs from my sister and organize her closet
  • Take an infant CPR class
  • Have one last date night {for awhile}
  • Pack our hospital bags
  • Pick a name!!!

What else should I be doing with 1 month to go?!?!



Allena Gurley

About Allena Gurley

Allena Gurley is a working mother at a Big 4 public accounting firm who feels extremely blessed to be a contributor on AMB. Allena and her husband have two children. She is an avid reader and Starbucks chai latte drinker and can’t wait to see what the future holds!



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