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Is a Supper Club the Solution to Your Meal-Planning Problem?

It shouldn’t be that hard, cooking dinner every night.  And yet, it’s so hard.  To cook dinner.  Every night. Before I had children, the challenge wasn’t time.  And, I enjoy cooking, so the nightly task never felt like a chore.  Back then, what made it hard was planning meals around the package sizes of ingredients.  […]

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12 Thought Provoking Novels to Read with your Tween

Thought-Provoking Novels to Read With Your Tween

In the past few years we’ve seen many incredible novels transformed into (sometimes) incredible movies.  The book lover in me is excited to see some of my favorite novels come to life on the big screen…unless of course the filmmakers ruin it.  Take for example the first Twilight movie: Could it have been even a little bit cheesier, […]

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Sleepovers: Ensuring Your Child's Safety

Sleepovers: Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

Sleepovers. This single compound word strikes deep emotions — from excitement to dread. Some of us get excited recalling overnights with BFFs; silly phone calls; ghost stories; up all night and eating Doritos with cream cheese. (If you haven’t tried it, do it now. It’s not Paleo, but totally worth the cheat.) Some of us […]

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Consignment Made Easy

Consignment Made Easy with Just Between Friends- San Antonio

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. As always, we use our discretion in publishing sponsored content to ensure the businesses, products and opportunities promoted will be of interest to our readers. Just Between Friends is local event we are excited to share with you. Having a baby means that you require a lot more stuff.  After all, you are […]

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Perspectives on Parenting: Playing Together as a Family

Perspectives on Parenting: Playing Together as a Family

Motherhood comes with a host of choices to make about what is best for you, your family, and your child.  We at Alamo City Moms Blog have a variety of moms who want to embrace these choices instead of feeling guilty or judged for them!  We are continuing our series, Perspectives on Parenting, with looking at activities for […]

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