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How to Search for a Family Friendly Neighborhood in San Antonio

How to Search for a Family-Friendly Neighborhood in San Antonio

We are thrilled to have partnered with our advertising sponsor and local Realtor® Lorena Pena, who works with a number of families to ensure they have the best experience when buying or selling a home. We recently asked her to share her expertise with us about finding a family-friendly neighborhood in San Antonio.[HR] Finding a home for your family […]

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Family Guide

A Family’s Guide to Visiting San Antonio with Kids

¡Bienvenidos a San Antonio! So you’ve booked a family trip to San Antonio, Texas’s #1 Tourist Destination, but have no idea where to begin your planning? Look no further! Welcome to Alamo City Moms Blog’s kid-friendly visitor’s guide to San Antonio. San Antonio is a city rich with culture and entertainment—perfect for those searching for a destination that the […]

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15 Signs You’re Living With Your Coworkers

I’m a stay-at-home mom with two preschool-aged kids. Many are the days I miss working in an office and the camaraderie of adult coworkers. Are you like me? Do you miss those extra hours of personal space, mature conversation, and the sweet solitude of private urination? Well, tough luck, because those priceless gems are found only […]

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I Thought I'd Have More Time

I Thought I’d Have More Time

I thought I’d have more time. There have only been a few instances in my life when I’ve had that thought. Once was when my father died. He had been given three months and somehow made it to a year, and I still found myself thinking, I thought I’d have more time. Now I find myself […]

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40 Weeks :: Sharing the Journey of Motherhood

Pregnancy is a time unique to any other in your life. For 40 weeks, you are creating life, sharing your body with another, and experiencing a beauty like you’ve never known. While many documentaries follow specific story lines or have certain motives behind them, our partners at Mission Pharmacal are the sponsors of a new documentary, 40 […]

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Six Ingredients to Raise Your Home-Cooking Game

Six Ingredients to Raise Your Home-Cooking Game

I’m pretty on-record that I enjoy cooking. I’m one of those people who reads cookbooks—the actual recipes—for fun. And, I’m not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. Over the years, through trial-and-error, passed-along tips, and amateur exploration of food trends, I’ve assembled an arsenal of ingredients that I will sub in at any opportunity. This post […]

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It's hard for me to believe now that I EVER wanted to skip a moment like this.

Ready or Not, Here I Grow: A Mother’s Chronicles in Being So Very Far From Ready

Have you ever experienced that phenomenon wherein something that you look at every day inexplicably becomes invisible to you? Maybe it’s an ever-growing stack of mail that manages to escape your peripheral vision, a pile of laundry that needs to be sorted, or maybe the mantel that you always mean to redecorate but somehow never do. […]

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Weekend Roundup: February 20–22

It’s looking like we will have another beautiful weekend here in San Antonio! Here are some of the kid- and family-friendly activities happening this weekend: Friday, February 20 Family Flashlight Night at San Antonio Botanical Garden Pinkalicious at The Magik Theatre San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Join the Mayor’s Book Club, Spring Edition Back […]

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Molly (then 2) helps cook.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Body Image

When my oldest daughter was a few months old, she was lying in her infant bouncy chair while I got dressed one day. As I searched for clothes, my eyes inadvertently drew to an image I’d tried to avoid: the reflection of my naked body. Almost instinctively, I turned to the side, looked at my hips […]

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Five Reasons to Take Your Kids to New Orleans!

Happy Fat Tuesday, y’all! Ryan, the kids, and I just got back from a fun-filled getaway to The Big Easy for the first weekend of Mardi Gras, and we had a ball. Are you raising an eyebrow at that sentence? Are you wondering, “Why in the world would you take your kids to the city of Hand […]

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