“I Don’t Know Where We Would Be” {Sponsored}

Imagine what it’s like to be a doctor, only to be told your child has something you can’t diagnose or fix.  This is exactly how Charlotte felt when she, an elementary school educator and counselor, continued to watch her child continue to suffer in school.  After all, elementary school is her speciality.  Shouldn’t she, his mom, […]

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I am a San Antonio Mom :: Katy Mimari of Caden Lane & Nursery Couture

Katy Mimari, designer of Caden Lane and owner of Nursery Couture baby and children’s boutique right here in San Antonio, is a successful, dynamic and inspiring mom of three.  She’s also my sister-in-law (and she’s become a true friend to me), very opinionated, and privy to all things “mom” in her daily business dealings.  Katy is the […]

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Three Ways to Beat the Summer Body Blues

July’s arrival means there’s a good chance you’ve already survived summer’s biggest downer: swimsuit shopping! But, there’s also a good chance that you haven’t been able to lose those pounds you vowed you’d get off before you wore it. That can lead to one of two outcomes. Either you’re sweating it out in your yoga […]

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Raising My Daughter

Have you seen this video? Watch it. Seriously.  It will be the best two minutes of your day.   Done? Need a tissue? Or a whole box? The two minutes it took to watch this video opened my eyes to the new world I found myself in without realizing I was there. I’m talking about […]

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School Uniforms: The Who, What, Where, Why and How | Alamo City Moms Blog

School uniforms: The who, what, when, where, why and how

I am thrilled that my son, F.T., got plucked off the waiting list and will be attending Great Hearts Monte Vista this fall. This is the first time F.T. will be attending a school that requires uniforms, so I have been asking my friends for advice. Here is some of what I’ve learned so far, […]

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The JW Marriott: Your luxury staycation destination

Disclosure :: The JW Marriott generously provided one of our contributors with a stay at this lovely hotel.  All thoughts and opinions are Taylor’s own.   Where can you find a beautiful resort, thrilling water park, luxurious spa, and championship golf course—all without leaving the confines of the city limits? There’s only one place, and […]

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Evolution of the First Birthday

As a mom of six kids, I’ve had the opportunity to throw a few birthday parties. Over time my methodology has evolved and simplified. This past week, my youngest child turned one, and it made me think back to the differences between when my oldest turned one compared to my youngest. If you are the […]

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