Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten {+ Inquisitives Giveaway} Published 4/17/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkInquisitives_Graphic1

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Inquisitive Learning are my own. The thought of sending my eldest to kindergarten this fall makes me all sorts of sad/happy/teary-eyed/excited/nervous/anxious.  {Read: I''m a hot mess!} Like so many parts of this motherhood journey, I''m filled with a ridiculous amount of emotion about this milestone in our parenting adventure. You see, our eldest has yet to attend one day of preschool (gasp?!). For a variety of reasons, we chose to not send her to preschool.  Because of this, I feel a huge... read more→

Dream Photography Studio... Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Published 4/12/2015 in City Moms Blog Networkunnamed-1

Disclosure :: City Moms Blog Network received product in exchange for this promotion, however all opinions shared are entirely our own. I’m not a photographer, but I play one on IG.  Find some good lighting, try to get everyone to smile (or decide for the more candid shot), click the red button on my phone and make it look all pretty through different apps and filters before sharing with the online world.  Sometimes I have a real winner of a photo and I for one second I think, “Gosh, I am GOOD.  People should pay me to do this.” (wink, wink) Then you meet someone like Stacey... read more→

Mom-Owned Business, NeatCheeks, Meets Some Sharks + A #SharkSmile Twitter Party Published 4/8/2015 in City Moms Blog Networkunnamed-2

We're thrilled to announce that City Moms Blog Network will be partnering with the mom owned business NeatCheeks to help support their upcoming feature on the wildly popular ABC Show, Shark Tank, next Friday, April 17th with a #SharkSmile Twitter Party immediately following at 9PM MST / 10PM CST. During this hour long #SharkSmile Twitter Party, we will be giving away a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of NeatCheeks to a lucky winner, learning more about this mom-based company and their products as well as tweeting with a celebrity guest, who will be making a special appearance! Register now and... read more→

Our Line-up for #CMBNFavThings 2015 Twitter Party! Published 4/6/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkCity Moms Blog Network Favorite Things 2015 Twitter Party

Have you ever wondered what products and brands other moms are loving? Well our 2nd Annual City Moms Blog Network Favorite Things Twitter Party is the perfect chance to find out what the mommies of our CMBN National Team love and even WIN some of the fabulous products yourself! Join us on Twitter this Thursday, April 9th at 9:00 PM Central using the #CMBNFavThings2015 hashtag for the chance to win one of our favorite things. < < Our #CMBNFavThings2015 Sponsors >>   Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book >> Lucy Darling's beautiful Memory Book is so... read more→


mommy confessions.... Published 4/9/2015 in Quad City Moms Blogconfession5

I don’t know about you...but there are times when I wonder "Am I fully qualified for this mom gig?"  I blame social media for my occasional break down in confidence.  Between the posts about the, healthy, organic, whole food lunches perfectly prepared with a loving note or the continual images of Easter Bunny visits following a blissful afternoon dying eggs.  I'm just over here like...hey... read more→

Adoption Perspectives: Why I Chose IVF... Published 4/8/2015 in Cincinnati Moms Blogfeet

We all know that motherhood is not one size fits all. This includes the process of raising your child(ren), but it also includes how you came about those children in the first place. Adoption is one of many paths someone can take to motherhood. And it is a wonderful path. In this series, we are exploring a variety of perspectives and experiences around the topic of adoption. We welcome open... read more→

Why Making Mom Friends is Important Published 4/8/2015 in Boston Moms BlogIMG_0077

There are countless articles about how to find and make friends once you become a mother.  When I was pregnant I didn't think I needed any new friends.  I had a large social network-work colleagues, grad school friends, family friends, college roommates, and more.  I am by nature a very social person.  And most of my friends had become mothers before I did so they had lots of advice to... read more→

35 Murphy's Laws of Motherhood Published 4/6/2015 in Alamo City Moms BlogMurphy's Laws of Motherhood (1)

A few weeks ago, family matters called my husband away on a four-day trip out of state. Up until then, things around our household had been going well—everyone was happy and healthy, and aside from minor stresses, the week had been a peaceful one. The night before my husband’s departure, I was awakened at 3:00 A.M. by an awful heaving sound coming from my bulldog’s crate. I'll spare you the... read more→

Ten Reasons to Dismiss Someone From... Published 4/10/2015 in Burlington VT Moms Blogdismiss-someone-slider

This was a new idea to me, a foreign concept. I sat in my therapist’s office, drying my eyes, as she gave me permission to dismiss certain people from my life. I went home and ended a life-long relationship with the main offender. It was difficult at first, but I soon noticed how bright my life was without that storm cloud over my life, without the possibility of this person diving into my... read more→

You Know You're a Stay-at-Home Mom... Published 4/8/2015 in Houston Moms BlogSAHM - featured

Not too long ago, Breonna wrote a hilarious post called "You Might Be a Mom If....", and I caught myself nodding to each of the things she listed. To dive deeper into that conversation, there are things I do each day as a stay-at-home mom that make me think, "only another stay-at-home mom would understand this." Being a stay-at-mom is brutiful - beautiful and brutal all at once. {My good... read more→

What Moms Think While Standing in Line... Published 4/8/2015 in Knoxville Moms Bloggrocery store

1.) Which lane to choose? Which lane to choose? If I choose self checkout, it will yell at me because my tortilla chips will show as an "unbagged item" and the red light will come on, making me look like a criminal. If I stand in a traditional grocery line, my kids will beat each other over the head with As Seen on TV products. 2.) Traditional line. Self checkout scares me. Let the War O'... read more→

Don't Compare Your Real To Their Fake Published 4/7/2015 in Wichita Moms BlogCompare

There it was again! And again! And again! And again! Scrolling through my social media newsfeeds had become a guilt-induced, loathing-session of sorts for me. It started out as a fun outlet, but recently I began to notice that every post and pin was another mom showcasing her handmade costumes, perfectly made pasta dishes, Gap dressed-and-groomed-to-perfection children or craft they... read more→