Can you grab the Björn, please? {BabyBjörn Review + Meal Time Giveaway} Published 5/22/2015 in City Moms Blog Networka5nZ6z9B6nfiHxgBiev_hYWEaYl-M_ZqW6sKVYG_xeQ,-eD8gZQatmY4gntky_nua5UuNfq06RTsn37TEIRoLpQ

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about BabyBjörn are my own. Since our first baby arrived 4 years ago "Can you grab the Björn, please?" has been a common phrase in our household. (And by "Björn" we were referring to our baby carrier of course). As any mom of littles know, a baby carrier is a much needed item when trying to survive witching hour/the park/middle of the night wakings/breakfast - LIFE.  The BabyBjörn baby carrier was a life savor and has worked great for many an occasion while raising our three little ones. Now did you know... read more→

Family Summer Travel Must-Haves | Giveaway Published 5/14/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkFamily_Travel_Giveaway

Summer is coming and City Moms Blog Network wants to make your summer travel plans a little easier! Not only have we put together a City Moms Blog Network Guide to US Family Summer Travel, featuring travel guides from each of our Sister Sites across the country, but we also wanted to share some of our very favorite Must-Have Travel Products! Read on for our hand selected Must-Have Travel items for your summer trip(s) this year and don't forget to enter to win. {Details on how to enter are below.} Birdling Bags >> SUN BLEACHED SALMON OVERNIGHT BAG  Birdling Bags... read more→

CMBN Guide To US Family Summer Travel Published 5/11/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkFamily_Travel_Graphic_600x400

If you are planning a Summer vacation to a new city or state and find yourself wondering what fun activities there are for kids, if there are family friendly restaurants or even tips on how to navigate a city with kids in tow, then you've come to the right place. City Moms Blog Network has put together a Guide to US Family Summer Travel, featuring travel guides from each of our Sister Sites across the country. These guides are unique in that they are written BY moms FOR moms! Browse City Travel Guides For ... ARIZONA :: North Phoenix COLORADO :: Denver FLORIDA :: Jacksonville |... read more→


Pain Meds in Labor: Should Dad Really... Published 5/18/2015 in Knoxville Moms Blogpainmedsinlaborshoulddadgetasay

I believe in the 'Warrior Mom.' I believe that we in fact do earn some kind of invisible medal for enduring childbirth. I believe that no matter how each of us overcame and completed the birthing process, there is indeed a mom solidarity that follows it, a kind of 'now you know' club where membership is automatic despite the variation in each individual journey. I happened to birth... read more→

Four Phrases Working Moms Never Want To... Published 5/15/2015 in Portland Moms BlogFour Phrases Working Moms Never Want To Hear

Today's moms are given countless labels, but there are two particularly polarizing ones - Working Mama and Stay at Home Mama. We are all so different that one would think it is almost impossible to lump everyone into such specific buckets, but we do. So, in the interest of education, here are four phrases that make working mamas cringe (so pretty please, don't every say them to us): 1. "I... read more→

A Case for Genuine Kindness Published 5/12/2015 in Indianapolis Moms Bloggenuine kindness Indianapolis moms blog

Someone once said that forced kindness is a lethal destroyer of happiness. I love when my son is kind to me, to others, to himself. And I've watched the eyes roll and the feelings get hurt when he's resisted a hug from a family member, or simply not wanted to share his toy with a stranger. Part of me understands these reactions because it's so ingrained in us as adults to teach children to... read more→

What I Want My Daughter to Know About... Published 5/12/2015 in Wichita Moms BlogKai 2

I stood quietly just outside my master bathroom watching her. She didn’t know I was there and likely would have been a little embarrassed had she known. My daughter Kaili was a fairly private little girl and I always tried to respect this aspect of her personality. But today, I couldn’t stop watching as she quietly brushed her ever growing locks of light brown hair, stopping every so often to... read more→

So…Do You Wanna Hangout Sometime? {A... Published 5/15/2015 in Red Stick Moms Blog0001-17986376

When my daughter was first born, I spent most of my days with Meredith Gray and Olivia Pope (if you know these people, we can be friends). It was the loneliest few months of my life.  Finally, after some encouragement from my husband, I turned off Netflix and decided to get a life. I needed real human beings over the age of 18 to interact with daily. I needed mom friends. Let’s just say... read more→

Perspectives in Parenting: I Don't Make... Published 5/12/2015 in Cincinnati Moms BlogParenting Perspectives {Series}

I want my children to grow up to be kind, compassionate individuals.  I want my children to care deeply about others.  I want my children to feel like they should make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. I don't think that forcing kids to share will achieve these goals. Before you write me off as nutso, hear me out! Even though I don't make my son (or anyone else's... read more→

What I Want My Daughters to Know About... Published 5/11/2015 in Fort Worth Moms BlogIMG_1669

1. We don’t know what we are doing. Neither of you came with an instruction manual – and even if you had, I wouldn’t have read it because that’s how I roll. (Daddy wouldn’t have read it either, but he would have kept the book at least.) We’ve never had a 12-year old daughter before, and by the time we have a second go-around at raising a 12-year-old, we will be dealing with a... read more→

Books to Help Kids Prepare for a New... Published 10/23/2014 in Oklahoma City Moms BlogBOOKS (4)

Change is coming in our household. A big change. In about four months our family of 3 (4 if you can count the dog) will be growing by another member! Our daughter is 5 years old and is probably more aware of the changes to come than many of her friends were when their new siblings arrived, solely based on the fact that she is older than many of them were when they became a big bro or sis.... read more→