#WeAreCMBN | Meet Our Sisterhood Published 6/24/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkWeAreCMBN

Have you ever wondered who our Sister Site Owners are or what being part of our Sisterhood means? Join us for #WeAreCMBN and discover that our Sister Site Owners are just like you - Moms! Our Sisterhood is united with a passion for connecting moms and making this adventure of motherhood easier. We all come together with diverse backgrounds, life experience and motherhood journeys to support each other in creating online communities and resources unique to the cities in which we live. So, who are our Sisters? From full-time stay-at-home to full-time working out of the home moms,... read more→


I'm Nursing a Toddler (But You Don't... Published 11/11/2014 in Nashville Moms BlogExtended_Nursing_Nashville_NashMomsBlog

If there is one struggle all mothers have faced at some point in their mothering career, it is mom-shaming. If you are letting them cry-it-out, then you are neglectful. If you aren't, you are spoiling your child. If you are breastfeeding, then you should do it in private or use a cover—no one wants to see your lady parts. If you are not nursing, you are selfish and clearly not interested... read more→

Normalize It! Why You Shouldn't Be... Published 1/13/2014 in Dallas Moms Blognormalize it

Last month Gisele Bundchen (the super model) and I posted very similar pictures of ourselves on the same day. Ha!  Ok, there was only one thing in common - we we're both breastfeeding our babies.  Gisele looked glamorous and pampered.  I was entertaining two toddlers while breastfeeding. We were both multi-tasking and proud!  Proud to be providing the best nutrition we possibly could to... read more→

Bottle to Breast Published 8/1/2013 in Fort Worth Moms BlogIMG_2373

My first child was formula fed.  My second child, exclusively breastfed. ROUND 1 When I got pregnant for the first time, the hubby and I were thrilled and confident.  Already an aunt & uncle to 4 little girls,with two of our nieces living close by, we felt prepared.  I knew about pregnancy, delivery, and caring for baby.  The one thing I had no knowledge of though - breastfeeding.   I... read more→

When Breastfeeding Isn't So Easy Published 1/18/2013 in Burlington VT Moms BlogBreastfeeding-Close-up

Awhile back I posted about the comparison game that all of us moms tend to play. It's so easy to get caught in the trap of comparing ourselves to each other rather than embracing who we are as unique and individual mothers. Today I want to share a personal experience that caused me to really have to confront this topic head on. Today I want to share about my experience with breast... read more→

From One Mother to Another:... Published 6/22/2015 in Twin Cities Moms BlogBFeeding1

It's National Breastfeeding Week. Or, for those of us who are currently breastfeeding, it's just Monday. As first-time breastfeeding mamas to our little dudes (who are only one month apart), fellow contributor, Ashley, and I wanted to learn what it’s been like for each other. So, in honor of this nationally recognized week (what does that even mean?!), we decided to ask each other a few... read more→

Pump It Up! Funny Pumping Stories Published 6/8/2015 in Portland Moms BlogPump it up!

Oh, the breast pump! Such a gloriously functional contraption, am I right? Mine enabled me to continue to supply my babies with breast milk for as long as my heart desired, even after returning to work when my babies were only three months old. For my friends who had trouble breastfeeding or chose not to breastfeed for various reasons, pumping enabled them to provide their babies with their... read more→

Why the Brelfie (Breastfeeding Selfie)... Published 6/1/2015 in Indianapolis Moms Blogbreastfeeding nursing brelfie indianapolis moms blog

Last week on the Today Show, Kathie and Hoda discussed their disapproval of the brelfie (breastfeeding selfie) on their segment  "OK! Or Not OK". Hoda explained that she preferred to keep those moments private and Kathie called sharing them "TMI." Nursing moms everywhere were rightly... read more→

A Mother's Guide to Pumping at Work ::... Published 8/5/2014 in Columbia SC Moms Blogpumping at work cover

When I found out I was pregnant, there was never a doubt I would return to work. I had been at my job for 15 years, was well established in my career and we were comfortable as a two-income household. I also knew I... read more→