If At First You Don’t Succeed…Try, Try Again! {BabyBjörn Potty Training + Giveaway} Published 8/19/2015 in City Moms Blog Networkpotty-chair-orange

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all opinions about BabyBjörn are 100% my own. If you’re looking for a post about how to successfully potty train your child in three days…then this isn’t the post for you. Like any “experienced” mom of two children, I thought I was prepared for this unpleasant stage of childhood but I couldn’t have been more wrong. With my oldest son, potty training seemed to come easy. A few months after he turned two, and thanks to some persuasion by Daniel Tiger, my oldest began showing interest in the potty. He no longer wanted to be changed... read more→

#WeAreCMBN | Meet Our Sisterhood Published 6/24/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkWeAreCMBN

Have you ever wondered who our Sister Site Owners are or what being part of our Sisterhood means? Join us for #WeAreCMBN and discover that our Sister Site Owners are just like you - Moms! Our Sisterhood is united with a passion for connecting moms and making this adventure of motherhood easier. We all come together with diverse backgrounds, life experience and motherhood journeys to support each other in creating online communities and resources unique to the cities in which we live. So, who are our Sisters? From full-time stay-at-home to full-time working out of the home moms,... read more→


5 Unbelievable Superpowers All Moms... Published 8/21/2015 in Columbia SC Moms Blogwonder-woman-552109_640

As a woman prepares for motherhood, the one thing she hears with as much consistency as her child fills his diaper 1.2 nanoseconds after a new one has been put on is "having a child will change your life." Truer words may never have been spoken. But what's difficult for new mothers to fully grasp is HOW it will change one's life. I, for instance, had no idea that becoming a mother would... read more→

What I Want My Daughter to Know as She... Published 8/18/2015 in Dallas Moms Blogmiddleschool

I watch her from across the room as she giggles with friends.  Their heads bent close together, I imagine them dreaming about and discussing which classes they should take.  The halls of this school are unfamiliar.  It's a time for visiting, for learning about the curriculum and expectations.  She twirls her hair with one finger, a gesture I recognize as nervousness.... read more→

Letting Myself Go — and Not Minding a... Published 8/17/2015 in Boston Moms Blogcut off hair-ponytail in hand

I’m pretty sure I used to be cool. I ran with the popular crowd in high school. I played on the tennis team. I read Seventeen magazine. I went to parties. In college I became friends with just about the greatest people you can imagine. We went on crazy road trips. We blew our minimum-wage incomes every Friday at the mall buying clothes to wear for the weekend’s parties or dates. Our... read more→

When Summer Doesn't Go As Expected Published 8/13/2015 in Madison Moms BlogIMG_4680

Both this summer and last, I had mile-long bucket lists and high expectations. Things to see and do, day-trips and late nights, adventure and leisure. Once again, the calendar flips to August, the school year is almost upon us, and my list sits gathering more dust than check-marks. This summer, we have two young babies. We’ve actually done quite a bit – family wedding and celebrations,... read more→

Learning Not to Judge (By Being Judged) Published 8/27/2015 in Red Stick Moms Blog0001-50918520

I love to sit in restaurants and make up stories about the people who are sitting around me- the young, nervous teenagers on their first date, or the older couple out celebrating the birth of their eighth grandbaby- all based on their body language and demeanor. My husband and I will play this game over a cup of coffee and will laugh at the ridiculous stories that we make up about these people... read more→

Full House: 5 Reasons Big Families Rock Published 8/26/2015 in Knoxville Moms BlogThanksgiving 2013 at my aunt's house. This isn't even all of our clan, and we've grown by at least 10 since then.

"So, are we tying your tubes today?" It seemed like a rather innocuous question coming from the admitting nurse before my 3rd C-section. "No, ma'am, not today," I replied coolly. She looked up from her... read more→

12 Random Items That Make Mama’s Life... Published 8/19/2015 in Iowa City Moms Blog12randomitems

Since having kids, my house is filling up with stuff.  The worst part is, many of the items are easily broken, not so great, or rarely used.  This got me thinking about the more unusual items that I find really useful that probably not everyone has.  I asked the ICMB writers what their FAVORITE, not-so-common, actually useful products are.  And here is the list…(with links to Amazon so you... read more→

Top 10 Meals for Back to School Published 8/18/2015 in Houston Moms BlogBack to School Recipes - Featured

Despite what the temperature gauge is telling us, somehow it's time for back to school. Of course with the excitement of a new school year comes all.the.stress. Running carpool, after school activities galore, attending open houses, and teacher meet 'n greets - everything sort of collides at once. This time of year, I am all about fast, easy, and healthy. Eating together as a family is a... read more→