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City Moms Blog Network Hits San Antonio For Annual Retreat Published 2/9/2016 in City Moms Blog NetworkMeet the City Moms Blog National Team!  We are so honored and privileged to serve our 31 MILLION readers and 54 (and growing!) Sister Sites around the country. If you have a passion for connecting and inspiring moms in your community and would like to become a momprenuer by starting a Sister Site, we want to hear from you!  Learn more on how you can join our Network via our profile link.
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Running an online business with women scattered from one coast to the other, leaves very little water cooler chat or even high-fives when another Sister joins our Network., so once a year the entire City Moms Blog Network National Team meets for what we deem to be our National Retreat! But don't let the word "retreat" fool you, it's about 90% work and 10% play! JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa Sets The Stage This year, we were fortunate to be hosted by the gorgeous JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa in Texas. Our team was welcomed graciously by hotel... read more→


Dear Motherhood: Please Pardon the... Published 2/1/2016 in Syracuse Moms BlogSyracuse Moms Blog - Dear Motherhood: Please Pardon The Interruption

I do apologize Motherhood, but I need to interrupt you for just a moment. Or maybe even a little longer. Please don't be offended. I'd never, ever break up with you. You're a part of me, and even though it's not always the best part, I love you! But considering all of the times that you've interrupted me, I believe you need to take a longggg time out. Remember that time when I didn't have... read more→

My Struggle With My Son’s Speech Published 1/28/2016 in Cincinnati Moms BlogSpeech

I am a quiet person who enjoys hushed tones and silence. When I had my son, I had to make a conscious effort to talk to him because my natural instinct is to observe, get the job done, and keep my mouth shut. As it turns out, it wasn’t too difficult to adjust to being more communicative and W made a lot of noise himself, so it wasn’t totally one-sided. I read to him, sang to him, and asked... read more→

Mama, We Did A Lockdown Drill {And Why... Published 1/26/2016 in Denver Metro Moms BlogMama, We Did A Lockdown Drill {And Why I'm Mad As Hell} | Denver Metro Moms Blog

My heart nearly stopped when I heard the words, "Mama, we did a lockdown drill." Just the thought of it makes me want to cry - a gaggle of 4-year-olds tucked into a ball under their tables, encouraged to be silent as they hide from a hypothetical bad guy. It makes me sick. And I'm mad, really mad that 4-year-olds have to practice hiding. To be clear, I'm not mad they're doing lockdown drills... read more→

7 Confessions of a Helicopter Mom Published 1/15/2016 in Oklahoma City Moms BlogConfessions of a

Three years ago I was sitting in the OBGYN's office listening to the sound of powerful heart beats (yes, plural) and at that very moment I started to become what some like to call the dreaded "helicopter mom". Truth be told, I just love my kids abundantly and I may have a slight obsession with their well being. That's normal for a mom of young children, right? Not exactly, but who needs to... read more→

Snuggle Up with Your Kids and Watch TV,... Published 2/5/2016 in Alamo City Moms BlogSnuggle Up with Your Kids and

When my eldest daughter was born, I scoffed at the idea of introducing my kids to television. I devoured every AAP study about the harms of showing TV shows to children, and swore to keep my kids screen-free for as long as possible. Once Molly turned one, I accidentally flipped the TV to Sesame Street instead of turning it off. She sat, spellbound, as Elmo appeared on the screen and sang... read more→

Making Her A Mother :: Choosing to Be A... Published 2/4/2016 in Wichita Moms BlogMy shot schedule was so complicated we had to make a calendar so I could remember which meds to take when.

Almost five years ago, I became a mom. After my son was born, we relocated from New England to Wichita, the city I grew up in. At the same time, my best friend was beginning a long and difficult (and expensive!) journey with infertility. Some of you have been there. It really sucks. My bestie and her husband live in Wichita too. We have spent lots of time with them over the last four years,... read more→

Mom Friends: How to Know if You've... Published 1/29/2016 in Kansas City Moms BlogBuilding Your Village

Let’s be real for a second. Husbands are great. We need them as our companions, partners and Netflix-watching comrades. Moms, sisters, aunts, mothers-in-law, they are all invaluable resources and sounding boards. Coworkers can be like extended family. But girlfriends, more specifically “mom friends," are our lifelines. Nothing... read more→

Coping With Non-Sleepers Published 1/28/2016 in Austin Moms Blogaustin-moms-blog-dealing-with-a-non-sleeper

I read an article recently about how we as a society are torturing new mothers. Yes, you read that right. We torture new mothers. How? By expecting them to keep tiny humans alive on negative sleep. The article went into detail about the effects of sleep deprivation and the link it has on our mental health. How our culture doesn't encourage or support rest for the mother and instead expects... read more→