Virtual Doctor Visits? Yes Please! {Amwell Telehealth Services} Published 4/22/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworknMu5bjf78nT0wxdbbEAnjkbLRXnPCuKpP5aV7IkwCyA

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Amwell are my own. To call or not to call!? That is always the million dollar question when one of my children gets some funky rash, has a barky cough or is running a fever. I'm not sure about you, but I constantly question myself about whether my child is "sick" enough to drag into the doctor's office. I have even been known to jump on a Skype call with my mom who lives 2 states away to get her "unprofessional" opinion on the matter. There is always the fear of being "that mom" who lugs her child into the doctor... read more→

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten {+ Inquisitives Giveaway} Published 4/17/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkInquisitives_Graphic1

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Inquisitive Learning are my own. The thought of sending my eldest to kindergarten this fall makes me all sorts of sad/happy/teary-eyed/excited/nervous/anxious.  {Read: I''m a hot mess!} Like so many parts of this motherhood journey, I''m filled with a ridiculous amount of emotion about this milestone in our parenting adventure. You see, our eldest has yet to attend one day of preschool (gasp?!). For a variety of reasons, we chose to not send her to preschool.  Because of this, I feel a huge... read more→

Dream Photography Studio... Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Published 4/12/2015 in City Moms Blog Networkunnamed-1

Disclosure :: City Moms Blog Network received product in exchange for this promotion, however all opinions shared are entirely our own. I’m not a photographer, but I play one on IG.  Find some good lighting, try to get everyone to smile (or decide for the more candid shot), click the red button on my phone and make it look all pretty through different apps and filters before sharing with the online world.  Sometimes I have a real winner of a photo and I for one second I think, “Gosh, I am GOOD.  People should pay me to do this.” (wink, wink) Then you meet someone like Stacey... read more→

Mom-Owned Business, NeatCheeks, Meets Some Sharks + A #SharkSmile Twitter Party Published 4/8/2015 in City Moms Blog Networkunnamed-2

We're thrilled to announce that City Moms Blog Network will be partnering with the mom owned business NeatCheeks to help support their upcoming feature on the wildly popular ABC Show, Shark Tank, next Friday, April 17th with a #SharkSmile Twitter Party immediately following at 9PM MST / 10PM CST. During this hour long #SharkSmile Twitter Party, we will be giving away a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of NeatCheeks to a lucky winner, learning more about this mom-based company and their products as well as tweeting with a celebrity guest, who will be making a special appearance! Register now and... read more→


A Year Later: Redshirting Your... Published 4/9/2015 in Des Moines Moms BlogA Year Later: Redshirting Your Kindergartner

About a year ago I shared how our family decided to Redshirt Our Kindergartner. He turned five right before kindergarten started last fall, and after much debate, we came to the conclusion that he was just not ready yet to make that transition to kindergarten. Our school district does not offer a transitional or pre-k program, so we searched elsewhere for a preschool program that we felt fit our... read more→

Getting Started with College Savings Published 4/7/2015 in Iowa City Moms BlogEasy tips for getting started with college savings

My five year old told me recently that she wants to be an ice skating instructor who teaches people to ice skate WITH their puppies. I love it! My oldest, however, has a different kind of ambition. “Mom, how many... read more→

6 Cool Diaper Bag Alternatives Published 4/6/2015 in Twin Cities Moms BlogDiaper Bags

My mission was simple: find a diaper bag that no one will know is a diaper bag. As a new mom, I wasn’t quite ready to rock a Chevron cross-body with a thousand confusing accessories—it kind of felt like trading in my car for a mini van. I’m all about functionality, but I knew there had to be a way not to completely sacrifice style. I’ve found the key to having more bag options is... read more→

Maternity Leave in America — It's... Published 4/6/2015 in Nashville Moms BlogMaternity Leave in America - It's Time To Do Better NashvilleMomsBlog

My question was answered exactly the way I expected, but still, it was disappointing—an unwelcome splash of cold water in the face. “So, I didn’t miss something, did I? There’s no new policy offering paid maternity leave, is there?” My human resources manager offered a sympathetic smile, but simply answered, “No.” Like most working women in the United States, I will be taking... read more→

Finding My Village Published 4/10/2015 in Austin Moms BlogAustin Moms Blog | Finding My Village

I knew as I prepared for having my first child that I would need and want help those first few weeks of motherhood. Numerous people told me how beneficial it would be to have my mother and any other family around to help. People to bring over meals because I would be too exhausted to cook or do anything other than feed my baby for that matter. As my son grew older I realized how beneficial... read more→

Can't Get Your Kids to Eat their... Published 4/8/2015 in Portland Moms BlogCan't Get Your Kids to Eat their

Just like you don’t have to run a marathon to call yourself a runner, you don’t have to plant a huge garden to call yourself a gardener! Whether it’s planting a few herbs in your windowsill, a small container garden on your back porch, or maybe even a small plot in your backyard, creating a connection to where your food comes from can help your kids understand the value of nature and may... read more→

You Know You're a Working Mom When... Published 4/7/2015 in Houston Moms BlogWorking Mom - Featured

There are many types of working moms... The kind that go back because they just love to work.  The ones that just need to get out of the house for adult interaction.  The ones that would rather stay home, but need to earn in income to support their family.  No matter which kind you are, we all face the challenge of balancing a professional life and being a mommy.  Sometimes the two blend... read more→

10 things to consider when choosing a... Published 4/6/2015 in Quad City Moms BlogIMG_8535

  If you are anything like us, you have burning questions that you want answered. That’s what the Ask the Expert series is all about – it’s a chance to get questions answered by local experts. Today, we’re turning to our friends at Rivermont Collegiate to answer one of our questions about preschool. And if you have a question you want answered, feel free to leave it in... read more→