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Vacation With A Purpose with Fathom Impact + Travel Published 1/28/2016 in City Moms Blog NetworkAdonia_External

City Moms Blog Network is honored to partner with Fathom Travel Ltd. to bring our readers the following post. All opinions are our own. Do you have a passion for travel and making a difference in the world?  Imagine cruising on a world class cruise ship to one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations, the Dominican Republic.  Once you reach the beautiful Dominican you will have the opportunity to work side by side with local residents to help improve the lives children, families and their communities. While there you can also bask in the beauty of the island with the many recreation... read more→


Aldi: A Beginner's Guide Published 1/18/2016 in Memphis Moms BlogAldi (1)

**Memphis Moms Blog was in no way compensated for writing or researching this article--in fact, Sarah took all the photos while on a typical grocery run. We just love Aldi, and want to help other moms learn about how they can save tons of money by shopping there! It's that time of year again, the time of year when we all make resolutions to better our lives. I don't personally make resolutions;... read more→

Five Things Your New Babysitter Wishes... Published 1/14/2016 in Houston Moms BlogNew Babysitter 2

On those nights when you have a new babysitter coming over and are going out for the first time, there can be some serious apprehension...and a lot going on.  Parents typically are hyper-focused on getting ready for that fun date night, spending a few extra minutes with their child, and preparing everyone for the new sitter to come into the home. As a babysitter and nanny for over nine... read more→

Eat Like You Love Yourself Published 1/8/2016 in Rochester MN Moms BlogEat Like You Love Yourself | Rochester MN Moms Blog

  I felt like I didn’t have enough space to talk about eating in my last post. I couldn’t dig as deep as I wanted, and it may have felt exclusive to those who do not struggle with an eating disorder but may still have begrudging feelings around the holidays (or any days) – the many meals, parties, and plates that come along with this season. You may have been able to gather... read more→

Every Mother's Worst Nightmare or the... Published 1/5/2016 in Burlington VT Moms Blogwoman, toddler, mall

It was the third rainy day in a row and this mom was running out of ideas, so I went to my old go-to: running at the mall. It's free, there are coffee options, and the kids get out some energy — it's a no-brainer, really. From the moment that my daughter, Violet, discovered that she, too, was able to stand on two feet and place them one in front of the other to get from here to there, she... read more→

"Take the Mesh Panties": Obscure, if... Published 1/21/2016 in Charleston Moms BlogMesh Panties

If you have ever had a baby, thought about having a baby, gotten married in which it is assumed that some day you might have a baby, then you have probably started receiving advice. Some of it is good; other thoughts you could do without. My advice is that God, in his miraculous planning, has given you a thing called “mommy instincts.” Tap into yours and follow your gut. However, I... read more→

Non-Maternity Clothes for the Pregnant... Published 1/19/2016 in Boston Moms BlogNon-Maternity Fashion for the Pregnant Belly - Boston Moms Blog (1)

By my third pregnancy, you would think I'd have a pretty killer maternity wardrobe — but it's just not the case! My body has changed a lot (thank you, CrossFit!), and the clothes that used to fit now swim on me. Truthfully, I kind of hate maternity clothes — those belly bands are so itchy, and things never seem to fit right, so I always feel a little bit sloppy. For this pregnancy, I... read more→

Too Many Toys and What to Do About It Published 1/18/2016 in East Texas Moms Blogtoo-many-toys

Every January, I find myself drowning in toys! I'm overwhelmed with all the new things my kids have gotten for Christmas, and I have no idea where to put them in our already over-full house!  I would leave gifts in their boxes for days, weeks even, not knowing where to store them. My kids were never able to get their rooms tidied up.  It makes sense.  If I couldn't put their toys away, how... read more→

She Is A NICU Nurse Published 1/13/2016 in Twin Cities Moms BlogIMG_4462

She administered IVs, sticks and pokes. She consoled my baby and whispered how sorry she was. She saw my heart break through the tears each time. She unplugged my baby of all the machines deemed necessary. She sat me down with a soft pull of my hand. And free of cords, she was the first to place my baby in my arms. She pulled the curtain, turned off the lights. And finally, I got to... read more→