Can you grab the Björn, please? {BabyBjörn Review + Meal Time Giveaway} Published 5/22/2015 in City Moms Blog Networka5nZ6z9B6nfiHxgBiev_hYWEaYl-M_ZqW6sKVYG_xeQ,-eD8gZQatmY4gntky_nua5UuNfq06RTsn37TEIRoLpQ

Disclosure :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about BabyBjörn are my own. Since our first baby arrived 4 years ago "Can you grab the Björn, please?" has been a common phrase in our household. (And by "Björn" we were referring to our baby carrier of course). As any mom of littles know, a baby carrier is a much needed item when trying to survive witching hour/the park/middle of the night wakings/breakfast - LIFE.  The BabyBjörn baby carrier was a life savor and has worked great for many an occasion while raising our three little ones. Now did you know... read more→

Family Summer Travel Must-Haves | Giveaway Published 5/14/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkFamily_Travel_Giveaway

Summer is coming and City Moms Blog Network wants to make your summer travel plans a little easier! Not only have we put together a City Moms Blog Network Guide to US Family Summer Travel, featuring travel guides from each of our Sister Sites across the country, but we also wanted to share some of our very favorite Must-Have Travel Products! Read on for our hand selected Must-Have Travel items for your summer trip(s) this year and don't forget to enter to win. {Details on how to enter are below.} Birdling Bags >> SUN BLEACHED SALMON OVERNIGHT BAG  Birdling Bags... read more→

CMBN Guide To US Family Summer Travel Published 5/11/2015 in City Moms Blog NetworkFamily_Travel_Graphic_600x400

If you are planning a Summer vacation to a new city or state and find yourself wondering what fun activities there are for kids, if there are family friendly restaurants or even tips on how to navigate a city with kids in tow, then you've come to the right place. City Moms Blog Network has put together a Guide to US Family Summer Travel, featuring travel guides from each of our Sister Sites across the country. These guides are unique in that they are written BY moms FOR moms! Browse City Travel Guides For ... ARIZONA :: North Phoenix COLORADO :: Denver FLORIDA :: Jacksonville |... read more→


When Your Hands Are Full Published 5/7/2015 in Madison Moms Bloghandsfull

I stand and hold my baby girl while we wait to see our pediatrician, my baby boy calmly sits and curiously watches as my toddler plays with the toys. In this rare moment I actually feel like I have it all together and things are surprisingly under control. Then a sweet, older woman from across the waiting room (probably a grandmother herself) looks at me and says, "Twins?" I nod to which she... read more→

Seven Reasons My Kid Won't Eat Published 5/7/2015 in Nashville Moms Blog7 Reasons My Kid Won't Eat NashvilleMomsBlog

My sweet, loving, precocious five year a picky eater. Let me preface this by noting that she hasn't ALWAYS been a picky eater. I remember her little chubby baby face covered with things like spaghetti, avocado, green beans, sweet potatoes, and basically anything else I put in front of her. Let me follow that up with noting that she still eats well—as in, we aren't... read more→

I know I'm a good mom... and so are Published 5/7/2015 in Kansas City Moms Bloggoodmom2

Motherhood is hard. Babies, in all their squishy glory, are tough. Raising tiny humans is exhausting and I know I'm oftentimes left wondering if I'm doing a good job. Is the baby eating enough? Does she feel warm to you? Did she or did she not just swallow Princess Elsa's tiny, plastic shoe? Oh wait. Here it is... Wait. Where's the other shoe?! Preschools have wait lists?! We're... read more→

In Defense of the Clean Mom Published 5/5/2015 in Burlington VT Moms BlogIn Defense of the Clean Mom

When this article about What Normal Looks Like went viral, I was torn. On the one hand, I celebrate with moms who feel free from the perfection monster. The need to do it all and be it all and have a sparkling house and a sweet smile while doing it can be crushing. At the same time, however, I felt a little perturbed. See here’s the thing, I’m a clean mom. When I read that for most... read more→

Outrunning the Sun :: Surviving Published 5/8/2015 in Indianapolis Moms BlogOutrunningTheSun_SamanthaGray_IndyMomsBlog_Melanoma

In honor of May being the official Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month, I am sharing my story of melanoma survival. My skin cancer story started in elementary school. Coming out of summer vacation, my under 10-year-old self was suddenly very cognizant of the other girls comparing their tan lines. Tan lines that I did not have -- despite spending an entire summer running around the farm.... read more→

Five Reasons Toddlers Rock Published 5/5/2015 in Twin Cities Moms BlogTCMBGandJFInal

Life with toddlers can be nuts.  Lighthearted, but nuts.  The things they say, the strong wills, the full blown tantrums, they are all part of the package.  Everyday you get something new.  My three year old can go from Jekyll to Hyde in minutes, seconds actually.  Highs are high and lows are low with those tiny emotions and some days leave me feeling like I have accomplished nothing... read more→

Getting Organized: My Sanity Saver Published 5/2/2015 in Boston Moms BlogOrganized mama= happy mama

When I found out my husband would be traveling for work, I knew I needed a system to keep track of our family schedule. Usually, between my husband and me we could figure out our commitments based on e-mail correspondence and memory, but I knew that I would need to keep better track of our commitments when I was alone. My husband is an engineer and prefers to have all our records electronically.... read more→

An Easter Lamb - A Cake Tradition Published 4/4/2015 in Boston Moms BlogEaster Traditions

My daughter Nina was barely a month old the first and only time she and my maternal grandmother met. My "Nannie" had cancer and her mind was not as sharp as it had once been. Yet as we sat on the couch in her house (my mom on one side of me, Nina in my lap, and Nannie on my other side) she asked to hold Nina. I knew then that would be a forever moment. The kind of moment that may seem small at... read more→